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105 STAT. 2030 PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 CITY/STATE CONGESTION RELIEF AMOUNT in millions 19. Fox River Valley, Illinois... 20. Prince George's County, Maryland 21. Toledo, Ohio 22. Boston, Massachusetts 23. Tucson, Arizona 24. Victorville, California 25. Palm Beach, Florida 26. Pennsylvania 27. Maine 28. Rankin County, Mississippi 29. Kansas 30. Broward County, Florida.... 31. Idaho 32. Michigan 33. Prince William County, Virginia 34. St. Thomas, Virgin Islemds. 35. Merrillville, Indiana 36. Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, Wisconsin 37. Richmond, California 38. New York, New York 39. Louisville, Kentucky 40. Sunnyvale, California 41. Ohio Study, plan and construct up to 8 bridges across the Fox River To rehabilitate the Baltimore- Wsishington Parkway in Prince Greorge's County, Maryland Conduct study of possible safety and traffic delay improvement benefits in 6 corridors To plan and construct a bicycle and pedestrian path connecting Arlington, Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts To make interchange improvements at Oracle and Orange Grove Roads in Tucson, Arizona.. Construct interchange 1 mile north of Palmdale Road on 1-15... Acquire right-of-way and construct and widen to 4 lanes 19 mile segment of U.S. 27 Improve River Street, Towanda Borough and North Towanda Township to form highway bypass Topsham-Brunswick Bypass East-Metro Center Access Road West Leavenworth Trafficway Project, Leavenworth, Kansas Hallandale Bridge Project, Broward County, Florida Any of the Federal-aid projects eligible for funding under title 23, United States Code, located in Bannock or Caribou County, shall be eligible for funding I-75/M57 Interchange improvement in the vicinity of Vienna Township, Michigan 1-95 HOV lane extension Construction of Raphune Hill Bypass, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Construction of four lane road and overpass 1-794 Bicycle Transportation Project in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, Wisconsin 1-80 Richmond Parkway Interchange Construction of Williamsburg to Holland Tunnel Bypass Waterfront Development Roadway Improvements HOV lane improvements on Lawrence Expressway Construction of a bicycle/pedestrian facility from Greene County, Ohio, to Dayton, Ohio 8.3 16.3 0.24 1.2 3.9 2.7 5.5 8.8 10.5 4.6 8.6 8.5 10.1 8.9 13.5 18.4 1.8 1.5 1.8 3.6 4.7 10.1 3.0