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105 STAT. 2098 PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 corridor-Buckner; and the CarroUton corridor-Farmers Branch and Las Colinas terminal. "(viii) Such other programs as may be designated in law or by the Secretary.". Effective date. (b) TRANSITIONAL PROVISION. — In the case of a project (including 1602 rwte^^ programs of interrelated projects) that, as of the date of enactment of this Act, has reached a particular stage of project review under section 3(a)(6) of the Federal Transit Act, the timetables applicable to subsequent stages of project review contained in such section shall take effect on the date of enactment of this Act. SEC. 3012. METROPOLITAN PLANNING. The Act is amended by striking section 8 and inserting the following new section: 49 USC app. "SEC. 8. METROPOLITAN PLANNING. 1f?07 "(a) GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. —It is in the national interest to encourage and promote the development of transportation systems embracing various modes of transportation in a manner which will efficiently maximize mobility of people and goods within and through urbanized areas and minimize transportation-related fuel consumption and air pollution. To accomplish this objective, metropolitan planning organizations, in cooperation with the State, shall develop transportation plans and programs for urbanized areas of the State. Such plans and programs shall provide for the development of transportation facilities (including pedestrian walkways and bicycle transportation facilities) which will function as an intermodal transportation system for the State, the metropolitan areas, and the Nation. The process for developing such plans and programs shall provide for consideration of all modes of transportation and shall be continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive to the degree appropriate, based on the complexity of the transportation problems. "(b) DESIGNATION OF METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATIONS,— "(1) IN GENERAL. — To carry out the transportation planning process required by this section, a metropolitan planning organization shall be designated for each urbanized area of more than 50,000 population by agreement among the Governor and units of general purpose local government which together represent at least 75 percent of the affected population (including the central city or cities as defined by the Bureau of the Census) or in accordance with procedures established by applicable State or local law. "(2) MEMBERSHIP OF CERTAIN MPO'S,—In a metropolitan area designated as a transportation management area, the metropolitan planning organization designated for such area shall include local elected officials, officials of agencies which administer or operate major modes of transportation in the metropolitan area (including all transportation agencies included in the metropolitan planning organization on June 1, 1991) and appropriate State officials. This paragraph shall only apply to a metropolitan planning organization which is redesignated after the date of the enactment of this section. "(3) LIMITATION ON STATUTORY CONSTRUCTION. —Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to interfere with the authority, under any State law in effect on the date of the enactment