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PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 105 STAT. 2141 "(L) gives satisfactory assurances that the State will undertake efforts that will emphasize and improve enforcement of State and local traffic safety laws and regulations pertaining to commercial motor vehicle safety; "(M) gives satisfactory assurances that the State will promote activities— "(i) to remove impaired commercial motor vehicle drivers from our Nation's highways through adequate enforcement of regulations on the use of alcohol and controlled substances and by ensuring ready roadside access to alcohol detection and measuring equipment; - "(ii) to provide an appropriate level of training to its motor carrier safety assistance program officers and employees on the recognition of drivers impaired by alcohol or controlled substances; I, "(iii) to promote enforcement of the requirements relating to the licensing of commercial motor vehicle drivers, especially including the checking of the status of commercial drivers' licenses; and "(iv) to improve enforcement of hazardous materials transportation regulations by encouraging more inspections of shipper facilities affecting highway transportation and more comprehensive inspections of the loads of commercial motor vehicles transporting hazardous materials; and "(N) give satisfactory assurance that the State will promote— "(i) effective interdiction activities affecting the transportation of controlled substances by commercial motor vehicle drivers and training on appropriate strategies for carrying out such interdiction activities; and "(ii) effective use of trained and qualified officers and employees of political subdivisions and local governments, under the supervision and direction of the State motor vehicle safety agency, in the enforcement of regulations affecting commercial motor vehicle safety and hazardous materials transportation safety.". (b) MAINTENANCE OF EFFORT.—Section 402(d) of such Act is 49 USC app. amended- 2302. (1) by inserting "and for enforcement of commercial motor vehicle size and weight limitations, for drug interdiction, and for enforcement of State traffic safety laws and regulations described in subsection (e)" after "programs"; (2) by striking "two" and inserting '^3"; (3) by striking "this section" the second place it appears and inserting "the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991"; and (4) by adding at the end the following new sentence: "In estimating such average level, the Secretary may allow the State to exclude State expenditures for federally sponsored demonstration or pilot programs and shall require the State to exclude Federal funds and State matching funds used to receive Federal funding under this section.". (c) USE OF GRANT FUNDS FOR ENFORCEMENT OF CERTAIN OTHER LAWS.— Section 402 of such Act is amended by adding at the end the following new subsection: