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PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 105 STAT. 1973 uals or less, including the driver, except that such term does not include a vehicle which is constructed on a truck chassis, a motorcycle, a trailer, or any motor vehicle which is not required on the date of the enactment of this section under a Federal motor vehicle safety standard to be equipped with a belt system, "(4) SAFETY BELT. — The term 'safety belt' means— "(A) with respect to open-body psissenger vehicles, including convertibles, an occupant restraint system consisting of a lap belt or a lap belt and a detachable shoulder belt; and "(B) with respect to other passenger vehicles, an occupant restraint system consisting of integrated lap shoulder belts, "(j) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.— There is authorized to be appropriated out of the Highway Trust Fund (other than the Mass Transit Account) to carry out this section $17,000,000 for fiscal year 1992. From sums made available to carry out section 402 of this title, the Secretary shall make available $17,000,000 for fiscal year 1992 and $24,000,000 for each of fiscal years 1993 and 1994 to carry out this section. "(k) APPLICABILITY OF CHAPTER 1 PROVISIONS. —All provisions of this chapter that are applicable to National Highway System funds, other than provisions relating to the apportionment formula and provisions limiting the expenditures of such funds to Federal-aid systems, shall apply to funds authorized to be appropriated to carry out this section, except as determined by the Secretary to be inconsistent with this section and except that sums authorized by this section shall remain available until expended.". (2) CONFORMING AMENDMENT.—The analysis for chapter 1 of such title is amended by inserting after the item relating to section 152 the following new item: "153. Use of safety belts and motorcycle helmets.". (b) STUDY. — 23 USC 153 note. (1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall conduct a study or studies to determine the benefits of safety belt use and motorcycle helmet use for individuals involved in motor vehicle crashes and motorcycle crashes, collecting and analyzing data from regional trauma systems regarding differences in the following: the severity of injuries; acute, rehabilitative and longterm medical costs, including the sources of reimbursement and the extent to which these sources cover actual costs; government, employer, and other costs; and mortality and morbidity outcomes. The study shall cover a representative period after January 1, 1990. (2) REPORT.— The Secretary shall make public a proposed?"Ji^, report on the results of the study or studies conducted under " this subsection, provide a period of 90 days for public comment on such report, consider such comments, and transmit to Congress a report on the results of such study or studies, together with a summary of such comments, not later than 40 months after the funds for such study are made available by the Secretary. (3) FUNDING.—Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 1992 or 1993 (or both) to carry out section 153 of title 23, United States Code, the Secretary shall make available $5,000,000 in the aggregate in such fiscal years to carry out this subsection. Such funds shall remain available until expended. information.