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PUBLIC LAW 102-274—APR. 21, 1992 106 STAT. 117 hostilities in order to assure the delivery of emergency rehef to civihans in affected areas; (2) encourage active participation of the international community to meet the emergency relief needs of Sudan; and (3) take steps to achieve a permanent peace. SEC. 4. HORN OF AFRICA RELIEF AND REHABILITATION PROGRAM. 22 USC 2151 (a) EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF RELIEF AND REHABILITATION "°*®' ASSISTANCE.—It should be the policy of the United States in promoting equitable distribution of relief and rehabilitation assistance in the Horn of Africa— (1) to assure noncombatants (particularly refugees and displaced persons) equal and ready access to all food, emergency, and relief assistance and, if relief or relief agreements are blocked by one faction in a region, to continue supplies to the civilian population located in the territory controlled by any opposing faction; (2) to provide relief, rehabilitation, and recovery assistance to promote self-reliance; and (3) to assure that relief is provided on the basis of need without regard to political affiliation, geographic location, or the ethnic, tribal, or religious identity of the recipient. (b) MAXIMIZING INTERNATIONAL RELIEF EFFORTS. —It should be the policy of the United States in seeking to maximize relief efforts for the Horn of Africa— (1) to redouble its commendable efforts to secure safe corridors of passage for emergency food and relief supplies in affected areas and to expand its support for the growing refugee population; (2) to commit sufficient resources under title II of the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954 (relating to emergency and private assistance programs), and under chapter 9 of part I of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (relating to international disaster assistance), to meet urgent needs in the region and to utilize unobligated security assistance to bolster these resources; (3) to consult with member countries of the European Community, Japan, and other major donors in order to increase overall relief and developmental assistance for the people in the Horn of Africa; (4) to lend the full support of the United States to all aspects of relief operations in the Horn of Africa, and to work in support of United Nations and other international and voluntary agencies, in breaking the barriers currently threatening the lives of millions of refugees and others in need; and (5) to urge the Secretary General of the United Nations to immediately appoint United Nations field coordinators for each country in the Horn of Africa who can act with the Secretary General's full authority. (c) HORN OF AFRICA CIVIL STRIFE AND FAMINE ASSISTANCE.— (1) AUTHORIZATION OF ASSISTANCE.— The President is author- President, ized to provide international disaster assistance under chapter 9 of part I of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 for civil strife and famine relief and rehabilitation in the Horn of Africa. (2) DESCRIPTION OF ASSISTANCE TO BE PROVIDED. —Assistance pursuant to this subsection shall be provided for humanitarian purposes and shall include—