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106 STAT. 418 PUBLIC LAW 102-321—JULY 10, 1992 ": "(9) to develop and utilize standards for certifying the knowledge and training of individuals, and the quality of programs, to provide treatment services for substance abuse. "(c) CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS.— "(1) REGARDING ELIGIBILITY FOR GRANT.— "(A) The Secretary may not make the grsint under subsection (a) unless the applicant involved is an organization of the general-purpose local governments within the national capital area, or another public or nonprofit private entity, and the applicant submits to the Secretary assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that, with respect to the communities in which services will be offered, the local governments of the communities will participate in the program. "(B) The Secretary may not make the grant under subsection (a) unless— "(i) an application for the grant is submitted to the Secretary; "(ii) with respect to carrying out the purpose for which the grant is to be made, the application provides assurances of compliance satisfactory to the Secretary; and "(iii) the application otherwise is in such form, is made in such msinner, and contains such agreements, assurances, and information as the Secretary determines to be necessary to carry out this section. "(2) AUTHORITY FOR COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS. —The grantee under subsection (a) may provide the services required by such subsection directly or through arrangements with public and nonprofit private entities. "(d) REQUIREMENT OF NON-FEDERAL CONTRIBUTIONS.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary may not make a grant under subsection (a) unless the applicant for the grant agrees, with respect to the costs to be incurred by the applicgint in carrying . out the purpose described in such subsection, to make available (directly or through donations from public or private entities) non-Federal contributions toward such costs in an amount not less than $1 for each $2 of Federal funds provided under the grant. " (2) DETERMINATION OF AMOUNT CONTRIBUTED.— Non-Federal contributions required in paragraph (1) may be in cash or in kind, fairly evaluated, including plant, equipment, or services. Amounts provided by the Federal Government, or services assisted or subsidized to any significant extent by the Federal Government, may not be included in determining the amount of such non-Federal contributions. "(e) EVALUATIONS. — "(1) BY SECRETARY.—The Secretary shall independently evaluate the effectiveness of the program carried out under subsection (a) £Uid determine its suitability as a model for the United States, particulsirly regarding the provision of high quality, patient-oriented, coordinated and accessible drug treatment services across jurisdictional lines. The Secretary shall consider the extent to which the program has improved patient retention, accessibility of services, staff retention and quality, reduced patient relapse, and provided a full range of drug treatment and related health and himian services. The Sec-