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PUBLIC LAW 102-325—JULY 23, 1992 106 STAT. 481 (6) EXCEPTION TO MAXIMUM PELL GRANT AWARD; STUDY ABROAD; INCARCERATED STUDENTS. —Section 411(b) of the Act is further amended by striking paragraphs (6) and (7) and inserting the following: "(6) The Secretary may allow, on a case-by-case basis, a student to receive 2 Pell grants during a single 12-month period, if—

    • (A) the student is enrolled full-time in a baccalaureate degree

program of study that is 2 years or longer at an eligible institution that is computed in credit hours; and (B) the student completes course work toward completion of a bachelor's degree that exceeds the requirements for a fidl academic year as defined by the institution. "(7) Notwithstanding any other provision of this subpart, the Secretary shall allow the amount of the basic grant to be exceeded for students participating in a program of study abroad approved for credit by the institution at which the student is enrolled when the reasonable costs of such program are greater than the cost of attendance at the student's home institution, except that the amount of such basic grant in any fiscal year shall not exceed the grant level specified in the appropriate Appropriation Act for this subpart for such year. If the preceding sentence applies, the financisQ £dd administrator at the home institution may use the cost of the study abroad program, rather than the home institution's cost, to determine the cost of attendance of the student. "(8)(A) No basic grant shall be awarded to an incarcerated student under this subpart that exceeds the simi of the amount of tuition and fees normally assessed by the institution of higher education for the course of study such student is pursuing plus an edlowance (determined in accordance with regulations issued by the Secretary) for books and supplies associated with such course of study, except that no bsisic grant shall be awarded to any incarcerated student serving under sentence of death or any life sentence without eligibility for parole or release. "(B) Basic grants under this subpart shall only be awarded to incarcerated individuals in a State if such grants are used to supplement and not supplant the level of postsecondary education assistance provided by such State to incarcerated individuals in fiscal year 1988.". (e) PERIOD OF ELIGIBILITY. — (1) REMOVAL OF ACADEMIC YEAR LIMITATIONS.— Section 411(c)(1) is amended by striking everything following "except that" and inserting "any period during which the student is enrolled in a noncredit or remedial course of study as defined in paragraph (2) shall not be counted for the purpose of this paragraph.". (2) CLARIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR STUDY ABROAD. —Section 411(c)(2) of the Act is amended by adchng at the end thereof the following new sentence: "Nothing in this section shall exclude from eligibility programs of study abroad that are approved for credit by the home institution at which the student is enrolled.". (f) CALCULATION OF ELIGIBILITY. — Section 411(f) of the Act is amended— (1) in paragraph (1)— (A) in the matter preceding subparagraph (A), by striking "an estimate of the eligibilily index" and inserting ", as 59-194 O—93 17:QL3(Ptl)