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PUBLIC LAW 102-325—JULY 23, 1992 106 STAT. 621 (b) EXIT COUNSELING. — Section 485(b) of the Act is amended 20 USC 1092. to read as follows: "(b) EXIT COUNSELING FOR BORROWERS. — (1)(A) Each eligible institution shall, through financial aid officers or otherwise, make available counseling to borrowers (individually or in groups) of loans which are made, insured, or guaranteed under part B (other than loans made pursuant to section 428B) of this title or made under parts D or E of this title prior to the completion of the course of study for which the borrower enrolled at the institution or at the time of departure from such institution. The counseling required by this subsection shall include— "(i) the average anticipated monthly repayments, a review of the repa3niient options available, and such debt and management strategies as the institution determines are designed to facilitate the repayment of such indebtedness; and "(ii) the terms and conditions under which the student may obtain partial cancellation or defer repa3ment of the principal and interest pursuant to sections 428(b), 464(c)(2), and 465. "(B) In the case of borrower who leaves an institution without the prior knowledge of the institution, the institution shall attempt to provide the information described in subparagraph (A) to the student in writing. "(2)(A) Each eligible institution shall require that the borrower of a loan made under parts B, D, or E submit to the institution, during the exit interview required by this subsection— "(i) the borrower's expected permanent address after leaving the institution (regardless of the reason for leaving); "(ii) the name and address of the borrower's expected employer after leaving the institution; "(iii) the address of the borrower's next of kin; and "(iv) any corrections in the institution's records relating the borrower's name, address, social security number, references, and driver's license number. "(B) The institution shall, within 60 days after the interview, forward any corrected or completed information received from the borrower to the guaranty agency indicated on the borrower's student aid records.". (c) CAMPUS SECURITY POLICY. — (1) STATISTICS. — Section 485(f)(1)(F) of the Act is amended to read as follows: "(F) Statistics concerning the occurrence on campus, during the most recent calendar year, and during the 2 preceding calendar years for which data are available, of the following criminal offenses reported to campus security authorities or local police agencies— "(i) murder; "(ii) sex offenses, forcible or nonforcible; "(iii) robbery; "(iv) aggravated assault; "(v) burglary; and "(vi) motor vehicle theft. ". (2) POLICY DEVELOPMENT.— Section 485(f) of the Act is amended by adding at the end the following new paragraph: "(7)(A) Each institution of higher education participating in any program xmder this title shall develop and distribute as part of the report described in paragraph (1) a statement of poKcy regarding—