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106 STAT. 668 PUBLIC LAW 102-325—JULY 23, 1992 "(2) COSTS.—Each eligible entity receiving a grant under this section shall use such funds to meet the costs of carrying out the activities described in subsection (d), which may include reasonable startup and initial operating costs, and stipends, travel, and living expenses for participants in the Academy if no other funds are available to pay such costs. "(3) LIMITATIONS. — "(A) PARTICIPANTS. — At least 70 percent of the participants in an Academy shall be from the school building level. "(B) SPECIAL RULE. — In awarding grants vuider this section, the State educational agency may provide for the location at the same site of Academies assisted under this section and Academies assisted under section 505. "(d) AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES. — Each eligible entity receiving a grant to operate an Academy under this section may use such grant funds for— "(1) developing and enhancing of participants' knowledge in

p,n instructional leadership, school-based management, shared

decisionmaking, school improvement strategies and school-level accountability mechanisms; " (2) identifying candidates, including members of minority groups, individuals with disabilities, and individuals from schools with high numbers or concentrations of educationally disadvantaged students and individuals who are bilingual, to be trained as new school leaders; "(3) conducting programs which provide for the involvement of private sector managers and executives from businesses; "(4) identifying models and methods of leadership training and development that are promising or have proven to be successful; "(5) providing intensive trsiining and development programs for current school leaders seeking enhanced and up-to-date knowledge needed to perform their jobs effectively; "(6) identifying local educational agencies and schools with principal and other school leader vacancies and working with such agencies and schools to match Academy participants with such vacancies; "(7) facilitating internships for graduates of the program for new school leaders, under the guidance and supervision of experienced administrators; "(8) providing periodic follow-up development activities for school leaders trained through the Academ3^s programs; "(9) disseminating information about the Academy, including the training curricula developed; " (10) coordinating activities with those of any State Academies for Teachers established in the State; and " (11) any other activity proposed by the applicant in the application submitted pursuant to subsection (b) and approved by the State educational agency. "(e) COST-SHARING. —Funds received under this section may be used to pay not more than 75 percent of the cost of operating an Academy in the first year an eligible entity receives a grant under this subpart, 65 percent of such cost in such second year, 55 percent of such cost in such third year, 45 percent of such cost in such fourth year, and 35 percent of such cost in such