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BIO SUBJECT INDEX Page Diseases Alzheimer's Disease Research, Training, and Education Amendments of 1992 3281 Cancer Registries Amendment Act 3372 DES Education and Research Amendments of 1992 2092 National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, establishment 3474 Pacific Yew Act 859 Preventive Health Amendments of 1992 3469 Veterans' Radiation Exposure Amendments of 1992 4776 District of Columbia African-Americans Civil War Memorial, authorization 2104 Appropriations Fiscal year, 1993 1422 Supplemental and rescissions, 1992 1443 Congressional review of acts, waiver 964 George Mason Memorial, establishment 127 Japanese American World War II Veterans* Memorial, authorization 3273 Mandatory Life Imprisonment or Death Penalty for Murder in the District of Columbia 1436 Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation, authorization 2223 Spouse equity 2167 Theodore Roosevelt Federal Building, designation 2214 Thomas Paine Memorial, establishment 1991, 2268 Djibouti See Africa Dolphins See Marine Mammals Domestic Violence See Law Enforcement and Crime Drought Assistance See Disaster Assistance Drugs and Drug Abuse ADAMHA Reorganization Act 323 Alaska Native Drug and Alcohol Abuse Demonstration Project 4581 Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act 4044 Dietary Supplement Act of 1992 4500 DES Education and Research Amendments of 1992 2092 Generic Drug Enforcement Act of 1992 149 Indian Substance Abuse Programs 4572 International Narcotics Control Act of 1992 4914 Pacific Yew Act 859 Prescription Drug Amendments of 1992 941 Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992 4491 Regional Youth Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center, AZ, establishment and designation 4581 Youth alcohol and substance abuse prevention and treatment facility, NV, establishment 4581 E Ecology See Environmental Protection Education See also Fellowships and Scholarships Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification and Licensure Act of 1992 698 Alzheimer's Disease Research, Training, and Education Amendments of 1992 3281 Critical Needs for Tribal Development Act 803 Department of Education Appropriations Act, 1993 1813 DES Education and Research Amendments of 1992 2092 Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Development Act of 1992 783 Education of the Deaf Act Amendments of 1992 2151 Educational services, telecommunication improvements 4098 EEOC Education, Technical Assistance, and Training Revolving Fund Act of 1992 2102 Head Start Improvement Act of 1992.... 1956 Health Professions Education Extension Amendments of 1992 1992 Higher Education Amendments of 1992 448 Higher Education Facilities Act of 1992 738 Higher Education Tribal Grant Authorization Act 798 Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Demonstration Act of 1992 2302 International University for the Americas, establishment 3669 Job Training Reform Amendments of 1992 1021 National Independent Colleges and Universities Discovery Act 824 Native Americans Educational Assistance Act 3437 New Hampshire-Maine Interstate School Compact, Congressional consent 3153 Nurse Education and Practice Improvement Amendments of 1992 2069