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XVI LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS PUBLIC LAyr 102-425.... To designate the second Sunday in October of 1992 as "National Children's Day". 102-426.... Community Environmental Response Facilitation Act 102-427.... Little River Canyon National Preserve Act of 1992 102-428.... Rural Electrification Administration Improvement Act of 1992. 102-429.... Export Enhancement Act of 1992 102-430.... Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Access and Enhancement Act. 102-431.... To permit the Secretary of the Interior to acquire by exchange lands in the Cuyahoga National Recreation Area that are owned by the State of Ohio. 102-432.... To amend the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act by designating a segment of the Lower Merced River in California eis a component of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. 102-433.... To designate the Federal Office Building Number 9 located at 1900 E Street, Northwest, in the District of Columbia, as the "Theodore Roosevelt Federal Building". 102-434.... To designate the building located at 80 North Hughey Avenue in Orlando, Florida, as the George C. Young United States Courthouse and Federal Building. 102-435.... To designate the Federal building and courthouse to be constructed at 5th and Ross Streets in Santa Ana, California, as the "Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse". 102-436.... To provide for a land exchange with the city of Tacoma, Washington. 102-437.... To designate the general mail facility of the United States Postal Service in Gulfport, Mississippi, as the "Larkin I. Smith General Mail Facility'l and the building of the United States Postal Service in Poplarville, Mississippi, as the "Larkin I. Smith Post Office Building". 102-438.... To designate the facility under construction for use by the United States Postal Service at FM 1098 Loop in Prairie View, Texas, as the "Esel D. Bell Post Office Building". 102-439.... To authorize additional appropriations for implementation of the development plan for Pennsylvania Avenue between the Capitol and the White House. 102-440.... To promote the conservation of wild exotic birds, to provide for the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Tissue Bank, to reauthorize the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act of 1980, to reauthorize the African Elephant Conservation Act, and for other purposes. 102-441.... Jicarilla Apache Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act 102-442.... To designate the Federal building and United States courthouse located at 204 South Main Street in South Bend, Indiana, as the "Robert A. Grant Federal Building and United States Courthouse". 102-443.... To provide for the temporanr use of certain lands in the city of South Gate, Caliromia, for elementary school purposes. 102-444.... To amend title 35, United States Code, with respect to the late payment of maintenance fees. 102-445.... To designate the Federal building located at 200 Federal Plaza in Paterson, New Jersey, as the "Robert A. Roe Federal Building". DATE PAGE Oct. 16, 1992 2172 Oct. 19, 1992 2174 Oct. 21, 1992 2179 Oct. 21, 1992 2183 Oct. 21, 1992 2186 Oct. 23, 1992 2208 Oct. 23, 1992 2211 Oct. 23, 1992 2212 Oct. 23, 1992 2214 Oct. 23, 1992 2215 Oct. 23, 1992 2216 Oct. 23, 1992 2217 Oct. 23, 1992 2221 Oct. 23, 1992 2222 Oct. 23, 1992 2223 Oct. 23, 1992 2224 Oct. 23, 1992 2237 Oct. 23, 1992 2243 Oct. 23, 1992 2244 Oct. 23, 1992 2245 Oct. 23, 1992 2246