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PUBLIC LAW 102-367—SEPT. 7, 1992 106 STAT. 105^ records of such referrals and the basis for such referrals. "(b) AUTHORIZED SERVICES.—Subject to the limitations contained in subsection (c), services that may be made available to each participant under this part may include— "(1) direct training services, including— "(A) basic skills training, including remedial education, literacy training, and English-as -a-second-language instruction; "(B) institutional skills training; "(C) on-the-job training; "(D) assessment of the skill levels and service needs of participants; "(E) counseling, such as job counseling and career counseling; "(F) case management services; "(G) education-to-work transition activities; "(H) programs that combine workplace training with related instruction; "(I) work experience; "(J) programs of advanced career training that provide a formal combination of on-the-job and institutional training and internship assignments that prepare individuals for career employment; "(K) training programs operated by the private sector, including programs operated by labor organizations or by consortia of private sector employers utilizing private sector facilities, equipment, and personnel to train workers in occupations for which demand exceeds supply; "(L) skill upgrading and retraining; "(M) bilingual training; "(N) entrepreneurial training; "(O) vocational exploration; "(P) training programs to develop work habits to help individuals obtain and retain employment; "(Q) attainment of certificates of high school equivalency; "(R) preapprenticeship programs; "(S) on-site, industry-specific training programs supportive of industrial and economic development; "(T) customized training conducted with a commitment by an employer or group of employers to employ an individual upon successful completion of the training; and "(U) use of advanced learning technology for education, job preparation, and skills training; and "(2) training-related and supportive services, including— "(A) job search assistance; "(B) outreach to make individuals aware of, and encourage the use of, emplo3ment and training services, including efforts to expand awareness of training and placement opportunities for limited-English proficient individuals and individuals with disabilities; "(C) outreach, to develop awareness of, and encourage participation in, education, training services, and work experience programs to assist women in obtaining nontraditional employment, and to facilitate the retention of women in nontraditional employment, including services at the site of training or employment;