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PUBLIC LAW 102-367—SEPT. 7, 1992 106 STAT. 1069 "(D) each of the following services, which shall be provided either directly or through arrangement with other programs to a participant where the assessment and the service strategy indicate such services are appropriate: "(i) Basic skills training, "(ii) Occupational skills training, "(iii) Premployment and work maturity skills training, "(iv) Work experience combined with skills training, "(v) Supportive services. "(2) ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS.— " (A) INFORMATION AND REFERRALS.— Each service delivery area shall ensure that each participant or applicant who meets the minimum income eligibility criteria shall be provided— "(i) information on the full array of applicable or appropriate services that are available through the service delivery area or other service providers, including those receiving funds under this Act; and "(ii) referral to appropriate training and educational programs that have the capacity to serve the participant or applicant either on a sequential or concurrent basis. " (B) APPLICANTS NOT MEETING ENROLLMENT REQUIRE- MENTS.— "(i) SERVICE PROVIDERS.— Each service provider shall ensure that an eligible applicant who does not meet the enrollment requirements of its particular program or who cannot be served shall be referred to the service delivery area for further assessment, as necessary, and referral to appropriate programs in accordance with subparagraph (A) to meet the basic skills and training needs of the applicant. "(ii) SERVICE DELIVERY AREA. — The service delivery Records, area shall ensure that appropriate referrals are made pursuant to clause (i), and shall maintain appropriate records of such referrals and the basis for such referrals. "(c) AUTHORIZED SERVICES. —Subject to the limitations contained in subsection (d), services which may be made available to youth with funds provided under this part may include— "(1) direct training services, including— "(A) the services described in section 204(b)(1); "(B) tutoring and study skills training; "(C) alternative high school services within programs that meet the requirements of section 141(o)(l); "(D) instruction leading to high school completion or the equivalent; "(E) mentoring; "(F) hmited internships in the private sector; "(G) training or education that is combined with conmiunity and youth service opportunities in public agencies, nonprofit agencies, and other appropriate agencies, institutions, and organizations, including youth corps programs; "(H) entry employment experience programs; "(I) school-to-work transition services; "(J) school-to-postsecondary education transition services;