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PUBLIC LAW 102-367—SEPT. 7, 1992 106 STAT. 1091 "(5) require that the employment provided to any such youth shall not exceed 15 hours per week during the school year; "(6) permit employment to continue through the summer following high school graduation, or until the youth reaches age 19, whichever is later; and "(7) contain such other terms and conditions as the Secretary requires by regulation. "(c) SELECTION OF GRANT RECIPIENTS.—In determining which grant recipients to permit to enter an agreement under this section, the Secretary shall seek to target funds to areas with the highest poverty rates. " (d) YOUTH ELIGIBILITY.—All youth, regardless of income, residing in an eligible high poverty area shall be eligible to participate in the job guarantee program. "(e) PRIVATE B\JNDS. —Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the grant recipient from raising funds to augment such grant if such funds are utilized under the conditions of the grant, except that such funds shall not be used for administration. •«EC. 496. PAYMENTS; FEDERAL SHARE. 29 USC 1782e. "(a) PAYMENTS REQUIRED.— In any fiscal year, the amount of a grant awarded under this part shall be based on the size of the target area and the extent of the poverty in such area, and shall be of sufficient size and scope to carry out an effective program under this part. "(b) FEDERAL SHARE.— The Federal share attributable to this part of the cost of providing comprehensive services as provided in section 492(a) shall be not less than 70 percent for each fiscal year a grant recipient receives assistance under this Act. "(c) OTHER FEDERAL SOURCES. —In providing for the remaining share of such cost, each grant recipient may provide not more than 20 percent of such cost from Federal sources other than funds received pursuant to this part. "(d) NON-FEDERAL SHARE.— ^A grant recipient shall provide non- Federal funds in an amount not less than 10 percent of such cost, an in-kind contribution equivalent to such percent (as determined by the Secretary), or a combination thereof.

  • «EC. 497. REPORTING.

29 USC 1782f. "The Secretary is authorized to establish such reporting procedures as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this part. SEC. 498. FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITIES. 29 USC 1782g. " (a) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall provide assistance to participating communities in implementing the projects assisted under this p£ut. "(b) INDEPENDENT EVALUATION.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall provide for a thorough, independent evaluation of the Youth Fair Chance program to assess the outcomes of youth participating in programs assisted under this part. "(2) EVALUATION MEASURES. — In conducting the evaluation described in paragraph (1) the Secretary shall include an assessment of— "(A) the impact on youth residing in target areas, including the rates of school completion, enrollment in advanced education or training, and employment of the youth;