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PUBLIC LAW 102-372—SEPT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 1183 of employment that will result in a requirement to pay additional compensation to the affected employee, and the legally mandated duties to affected employees and contract personnel where an entire foreign office is closed after appropriate notice. (3) EXISTING LEASES. —Information on all existing leases of office space (or space sharing arrangements with the United States embassy) applicable to each foreign office, including an analysis of the Secretary ability to terminate such leases or other arrangements and the costs associated with such termination. (4) COST REDUCTIONS AND MARKETING EFFICIENCIES.— Analysis of and recommendations for possible cost reductions and marketing efficiencies with respect to the activities of foreign offices, including the advantages and disadvantages of consolidating foreign office functions by establishing three regional offices of the United States Travel and Tourism Administration based in and responsible for the following respective geographic areas: (A) Europe and Africa. (B) Asia and the Pacific region. (C) North America, South America, and the Caribbean region. (5) ORGANIZATIONAL FLEXIBILITY.— Analysis and recommendations concerning methods for increasing organizational flexibility (particularly with respect to the establishment, operations, closing, and relocation of foreign offices) in response to changing market conditions, fiscal constraints, and policy conditions. (c) DELAY IN CERTAIN ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS. —At offices of the United States Travel and Tourism Administration located in foreign countries— (1) no new foreign national employees nor contract personnel may be hired, except for employees or contract personnel that directly replace foreign national employees or contract personnel; and (2) no new leases of office space, nor renewals of existing leases for longer than two years, may be executed, until six months after the report required by subsection (a) is received. Approved September 30, 1992. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S. 680 (H.R. 3645): HOUSE REPORTS: No. 102-355 accompanying H.R. 3645 (Comm. on Energy and Commerce). SENATE REPORTS: No. 102-150 (Comm. on Commerce, Science and Transportation). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: Vol. 137 (1991): Oct. 24, considered and passed Senate. Nov. 23, H.R. 3645 considered and passed House; S. 680, amended, passed in lieu. Vol. 138 (1992): Aug. 12, Senate concurred in House amendments with an amendment. Sept. 15, House concurred in Senate amendment. WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS, Vol. 28 (1992): Sept. 30, Presidential statement.