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106 STAT. 1196 PUBLIC LAW 102-375—SEPT. 30, 1992 Sec. 402. Priorities for sp-ants and discretionary projects. Sec. 403. Purposes of education and training projects. Sec. 404. Grants and contracts. Sec. 405. Multidisciplinary centers of gerontology. Sec. 406. Demonstration {projects. Sec. 407. Special projects in comprehensive long-term care. Sec. 408. Ombudsman and advocacy demonstration projects. Sec. 409. Demonstration projects for multigenerational activities. Sec. 410. Supportive services in fedendly assisted hovising demonstration program. Sec. 411. Neighborhood senior care program. Sec. 412. Information and assistance systems development projects. Sec. 413. Senior transportation demonstration program grants. Sec. 414. Resource Centers on Native American Elders. Sec. 415. Demonstration programs for older individuals with developmental disabilities. Sec. 416. Housing demonstration programs. Sec. 417. Private resource enhancement projects. Sec. 418. Career preparation for the field of aging. Sec. 419. Pension information and counseling demonstration projects. -H Sec. 420. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 421. Payments of grants for demonstration projects. Sec. 422. Responsibilities of Commissioner. TITLE V—COMMUNITY SERVICE EMPLOYMENT FOR OLDER AMERICANS Sec. 501. Older American Community Service Employment Program. Sec. 502. Coordination. Sec. 503. Interagency cooperation. Sec. 504. Equitm>Ie distribution of assistance. Sec. 505. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 506. Dual eligibility. Sec. 507. Treatment of assistance provided under the Older American Community Service Employment Act. TITLE VI—GRANTS FOR NATIVE AMERICANS Sec. 601. Applications by tribal organizations. Sec. 602. Distribution of funds among tribal organizations. Sec. 603. Applications by organizations serving Native Hawaiians. Sec. 604. Distribution or funds among organizations. Sec. 605. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE VII—VULNERABLE ELDER RIGHTS PROTECTION ACTIVITIES Sec. 701. Allotments for vulnerable elder rights protection activities. Sec. 702. Ombudsman programs. Sec. 703. Programs for prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Sec. 704. State elder rights and legal assistance development program. Sec. 705. Outreach, counseling, and assistance programs. Sec. 706. Native American organization provisions. Sec. 707. General provisions. Sec. 708. Technical and conforming amendments. TITLE VIII—AMENDMENTS TO OTHER LAWS; RELATED MATTERS Subtitle A—Long-Term Health Care Workers Sec. 801. Definitions. [ Sec. 802. Information requirements. J Sec. 803. Reports. I Sec. 804. Occupational code. j Subtitle B—National School Lunch Act Sec. 811. Meals provided through adult day care centers. Subtitle C—Native American Programs Sec. 82L Short title.


Sec. 822. Amendments. Subtitle D—White House Conference on Aging Sec. 831. White House Conference on Aging. Sec. 832. Conference required. Sec. 833. Conference administration. Sec. 834. Policy committee; related committees.