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106 STAT. 1198 PUBLIC LAW 102-375—SEPT. 30, 1992 "(19) The term *board and care facility means an institution regulated by a State pursuant to section 1616(e) of the Social Seciirity Act (42 U.S.C. 1382e(e)). "(20) The term 'caregiver* means an individual who has the responsibility for the care of an older individual, either voluntarily, by contract, by receipt of payment for care, or as a restdt of the operation of law. "(21) The term 'caretaker* means a family member or other individual who provides (on behalf of such individual or of a public or private agency, organization, or institution) uncompensated care to an older individual who needs supportive services. "(22) The term 'case management service'— "(A) means a service provided to an older individual, at the direction of the older individual or a family member of the individual— "(i) by an individual who is trained or experienced in the case management skills that are required to deliver the services and coordination described in subparagraph (B); and "(ii) to assess the needs, and to arrange, coordinate, and monitor an optimum package of services to meet the needs, of the older individual; and "(B) includes services and coordination such as— "(i) comprehensive assessment of the older individual (including the physical, psychological, and social needs of the individual); "(ii) development and implementation of a service plan with the older individual to mobilize the formal and informal resources and services identified in the assessment to meet the needs of the older individual, including coordination of the resources and services— "(I) with any other plans that exist for various formal services, such as hospital discharge plans; and "(II) with the information and assistance services provided under this Act; "(iii) coordination and monitoring of formal and informal service deliverv, including coordination and monitoring to ensure that services specified in the plan are being provided; "(iv) periodic reassessment and revision of the status of the older individual with— " (I) the older individual; or "(II) if necessary, a primary caregiver or family member of the older individual; and "(v) in accordance with the wishes of the older individual, advocacy on behalf of the older individual for needed services or resources. "(23) The term 'dance-movement therapy* means the use of psychotherapeutic movement as a process facilitated by a dance-movement therapist, to further the emotional, cognitive, or physical health of an older individual. "(24) The term 'elder abuse' means abuse of an older individual. "(25) The term 'elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation' means abuse, neglect, and exploitation, of an older individual.