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PUBLIC LAW 102-375—SEPT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 1213 (i) have expertise in nutrition and dietary services and planning; and "(iiXI) be a registered dietitian; "(11) be a credentialed nutrition professional; or "(III) have education and training that is substantially equivalent to the education and training for a registered dietitian or a credentialed nutrition professional.". SEC. 207. EVALUATION. Section 206 of the Older Americans Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 3017) is amended— (1) in the first sentence of subsection (a) by inserting after "related programs," the following: "their effectiveness in targeting for services under this Act unserved older individuals with greatest economic need (including low-income minority individuals) and unserved older individuals with greatest social need (including low-income minority individuals),"; and (2) by striking subsection (g) and inserting the following: "(g)(l) Not later than June 30, 1994, the Commissioner, in consultation with the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation of the Department of Health and Human Services, shall complete an evaluation of nutrition services provided under this Act, to evaluate for fiscal years 1992 and 1993— "(A) their effectiveness in serving special populations of older individuals; "(B) the quality of nutrition provided by such services; "(C) average meal costs (including the cost of food, related administrative costs, and the cost of supportive services relating to nutrition services), taking into account regional differences and size of projects; "(D) the characteristics of participants; "(E) the applicability of health, safety, and dietary standards; "(F) the appraisal of such services by recipients; "(G) the efficiency of delivery and administration of such services; "(H) the amount, sources, and ultimate uses of funds transferred under section 308(b)(5) to provide such services; "(I) the amount, sources, and uses of other funds expended to provide such services, including the extent to which funds received under this Act are used to generate additional funds to provide such services; "(J) the degree of nutritional expertise used to plan and manage coordination with other State and local services; "(K) nonfood cost factors incidental to providing nutrition services under this Act; "(L) the extent to which commodities provided by the Secretary of Agriculture under section 311(a) are used to provide such services; "(M) and for the 8-year period ending September 30, 1992, the characteristics, and changes in the characteristics, of such nutrition services; "(N) differences between older individuals who receive nutrition services under section 331 and older individuals who receive nutrition services under section 336, with specific ref- erence to age, income, health status, receipt of food stamp benefits, and limitations on activities of daily living;