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106 STAT. 1258 PUBLIC LAW 102-375—SEPT. 30, 1992 42 USC 3035o. "SEC. 429G. HOUSING DEMONSTRATION PROGRAMS. " (a) HOUSING OMBUDSMAN DEMONSTRATION PROGRAMS.— "(1) GRANTS.—The Commissioner shall award grants to eligible agencies to establish housing ombudsman programs. "(2) USE OF GRANTS.—An eligible agency shall use a grant awarded under paragraph (1) to— (A) provide the services described in subparagraph (B) through— 'Xi) professional and volunteer staff to older individuals who are— "(I) participating in federally assisted and other publicly assisted housing programs; or "(II) seeking Federal, State, and local housing programs; and (iiXI) the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman program under section 307(a)( 12) or section 712; "(II) a legal services or assistance organization or through an organization that provides both legal and other social services; " (III) a public or not-for-profit social services agency; or "(IV) an agency or organization concerned with housing issues but not responsible for publicly assisted housing. "(B) establish a housing ombudsman program that provides information, advice, and advocacy services including— (i) direct assistance, or referral to services, to

resolve complaints or problems; "(ii) provision of information regarding available housing programs, eligibility, reqmrements, and application processes; "(iii) counseling or assistance with financial, social,

familial, or other related matters that may affect or be influenced by housing problems; " (iv) advocacy related to promoting— i "(I) the rights of the older individuals who are residents in publicly assisted housing programs; and "(II) the quality and suitability of housing in the programs; and "(v) assistance with problems related to housing regarding— (I) threats of eviction or eviction notices; " (II) older building; "(III) functional impairments as the impairments relate to housing; "(IV) unlawful discrimination; "(V) regulations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Farmers Home Administration; "(VI) disability issues; "(VII) intimidation, harassment, or arbitrary management rules; "(VIII) grievance procedures; "(IX) certification and recertification related to programs of the Department of Housing and