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106 STAT. 1274 PUBLIC LAW 102-375—SEPT. 30, 1992 "(iii) active participation of older individuals participating in programs tinder this Act through outreach, conferences, and referral of such individuals to other social service agencies or sources of assistance if appropriate and if the individuals to be referred consent; and "(iv) referral of complaints to law enforcement or public protective service agencies if appropriate; "(B) the State will not permit involimtary or coerced participation in the program of services described in subparagraph (A) by alleged victims, abusers, or their households; and Privacy. "(C) all information gathered in the course of receiving reports and making referrals shall remain confidential except— "(i) if all parties to such complaint consent in writing to the release of such information; "(ii) if the release of such information is to a law enforcement agency, public protective service agency, licensing or certification agency, ombudsman program, or protection or advocacy system; or "(iii) upon court order;

    • (7) an assurance that the State agency—

"(A) from funds appropriated under section 702(d) for chapter 5, will make ftuids available to eligible area agencies on aging to carry out chapter 5 and, in distributing such funds among eligible area agencies, will give priority to area agencies on aging based on— "(i) the number of older individuals with greatest economic need, and older individuals with greatest social need, residing in their respective planning and service areas; and "(ii) the inadequacy in such areas of outreach activities and application assistance of the t3rpe specified in chapter 5; "(B) will require, as a condition of eligibility to receive funds to carry out chapter 5, an area agency on aging to submit an application that— "(i) describes the activities for which such funds are sought; "(ii) provides for an evaluation of such activities by the area agency on aging; and "(iii) includes assurances that the area agency on aging will prepare and submit to the State agency a report of the activities conducted with funds provided under this pcuragraph and the evaluation of such activities; "(C) will distribute to area agencies on aging—

    • (i) the eligibility information received under section 202(a)(20) from the Administration; and

"(ii) information, in written form, explaining the requirements for eligibility to receive medical assistance under title XIX of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396 et seq.); and Reports. "(D) will submit to the Commissioner a report on the evaluations required to be submitted under subparagraph (B);and