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106 STAT. 1344 PUBLIC LAW 102-377 —OCT. 2, 1992 (D) For each fiscal year after fiscal year 1992, an assessment of the number and type of nuclear warheads that will remain in the United States stockpile of nuclear weapons and that— (i) will not be in the United States stockpile of active nuclear weapons; (ii) will remain under the control of the Department of Defense; and (iii) will not be transferred to the Department of Energy for dismantlement. (E) A description of the safety features of each warhead that is covered by an assessment referred to in subparagraph (C)or(D). (F) A plan for installing one or more modem safety features in each warhead identified in the assessment referred to in subparagraph (C), as determined after an analysis of the costs and benefits of installing such feature or features in the warhead, should have one or more of such features. (G) An assessment of the number and type of nuclear weapons tests, not to exceed 5 tests in any period covered by an annual report under this paragraph and a total of 15 tests in the 4-fiscal year period beginning with fiscal year 1993, that are necessary in order to ensure the safety of each nuclear warhead in which one or more modern safety features are installed pursuant to the plan referred to in subparagraph (F). (H) A schedule, in accordance with subparagraph (G), for conducting at the Nevada test site, each of the tests enumerated in the assessment pursuant to subparagraph (G). (2) The first annual report shall cover the period beginning on the date on which a resumption of testing of nuclear weapons is permitted under subsection (c) and ending on September 30, 1994. Each annual report thereafter shall cover the fiscal year following the fiscal year in which the report is submitted. (3) For the purposes of paragraph (1), "joint resolution" means only a joint resolution introduced after the date on which the Committees referred to in that paragraph receive the report required by that paragraph the matter after the resolving clause of which is as follows: "The Congress disapproves the report of the President on nuclear weapons testing, dated ." (the blank space being appropriately filled in). (4) No report is required under this subsection after 1996. (e)(1) Except as provided in paragraphs (2) and (3), during a period covered by an annual report submitted pursuant to subsection (d), nuclear weapons may be tested only as follows: (A) Only those nuclear explosive devices in which modern safety features have been installed pursuant to the plan referred to in subsection (d)(1)(F) may be tested. (B) Only the number and types of tests specified in the report pursuant to subsection (d)(1)(G) may be conducted. (2)(A) One test of the reliability of a nuclear weapon other than one referred to in paragraph (1)(A) may be conducted during any period covered by an annual report, but only if— (i) within the first 60 days after the beginning of that period, the President certifies to Congress that it is vital to the national security interests of the United States to test the reliability of such a nuclear weapon; and