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106 STAT. 1406 PUBLIC LAW 102-381—OCT. 5, 1992 STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVE (INCLUDING TRANSFER OF FUNDS) For necessary expenses for Strategic Petroleum Reserve facility development and operations and program management activities pursuant to the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, as amended (42 U.S.C. 6201 et seq.), $176,600,000, to remain available until expended, including $125,625,000 to be derived by transfer from funds deposited in the "SPR petroleum account" as a result of the Desert Storm sale of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, as authorized under 42 U.S.C. 6241: Provided, That appropriations herein made shall not be available for leasing of facilities for the storage of crude oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve unless the quantity of oil stored in or deliverable to Government-owned storage facilities by virtue of contractual obligations is equal to 700,000,000 barrels. SPR PETROLEUM ACCOUNT Notwithstanding 42 U.S.C. 6240(d) the United States share of crude oil in Naval Petroleum Reserve Numbered 1 (Elk Hills) may be sold or otherwise disposed of to other than the Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Provided, That outlays in fiscal year 1993 resulting from the use of funds in this account shall not exceed $137,000,000. CLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGY The first paragraph under this head in Public Law 101-512, as amended, is further amended by striking the phrase "and $250,000,000 on October 1, 1992" and inserting "$150,000,000 on October 1, 1993, and $100,000,000 on October 1, 1994" and by striking the phrase "$275,000,000 on October 1, 1992, and $225,000,000 on October 1, 1993" and inserting "$250,000,000 on October 1, 1993, and $250,000,000 on October 1, 1994". ENERGY INFORMATION ADMINISTRATION (INCLUDING TRANSFER OF FUNDS) For necessary expenses in carrying out the activities of the Energy Information Administration, $82,627,000, to remain available until expended, of which $49,000,000 shall be derived from available unobligated balances in the Biomass Energy Development account. ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Appropriations under this Act for the current fiscal year shall be available for hire of passenger motor vehicles; hire, maintenance, and operation of aircraft; purchase, repair, and cleaning of uniforms; and reimbursement to the General Services Administration for security guard services. From appropriations under this Act, transfers of sums may be made to other agencies of the Government for the performance of work for which the appropriation is made. None of the funds made available to the Department of Energy under this Act shall be used to implement or finance authorized