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PUBLIC LAW 102-381—OCT. 5, 1992 106 STAT. 1419 (b) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary of the Interior shall execute such instruments as are necessary to remove the restrictions described in subsection (c) that are applicable to the use of the real property consisting of approximately 56.805 acres located in Halawa, Ewa, Island of Oahu, State of Hawaii, being the major portion of the former Halawa-Aiea Veterans Housing Area, and currently known as Aloha Stadium. (c) RESTRICTIONS. — The restrictions referred to in subsection (b) are those reservations, exceptions, restrictions, conditions, and covenants requiring that the real property referred to in subsection (a) be used in perpetuity for a public park and public recreation area and for these purposes only, as set forth in the quitclaim deed from the United States of America dated June 30, 1967. , (d) CONDITIONS FOR REMOVAL OF RESTRICTIONS.—Subsections (a), (b), and (c) shall not be effective until the City and County of Honolulu have identified an equal amount of additional land and have agreed that such land shall be dedicated in perpetuity for public park and public recreation uses. SEC. 322. FOREST SERVICE DECISIONMAKING AND APPEALS REFORM. (a) IN GENERAL.— In accordance with this section, the Secretary of Agriculture, acting through the Chief of the Forest Service, shall establish a notice and comment process for proposed actions of the Forest Service concerning projects and activities implementing land and resource management plans developed under the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974 (16 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) and shall modify the procedure for appeals of decisions concerning such projects. (b) NOTICE AND COMMENT. — (1) NOTICE. —Prior to proposing an action referred to in subsection (a), the Secretary shall give notice of the proposed action, and the availability of the action for public comment by- (A) promptly mailing notice about the proposed action to any person who has requested it in writing, and to persons who are known to have participated in the decisionmaking process; and, (B)(i) in the case of an action taken by the Chief of the Forest Service, publishing notice of action in the Federal Register; or (ii) in the case of any other action referred to in subsection (a), publishing notice of the action in a newspaper of general circulation that has previously been identified in the Federal Register as the newspaper in which notice under this paragraph may be published. (2) COMMENT. — The Secretary shall accept comments on the proposed action within 30 days after publication of the notice in accordance with paragraph (1). (c) RIGHT TO APPEAL. — Not later than 45 days after the date of issuance of a decision of the Forest Service concerning actions referred to in subsection (a), a person who was involved in the public comment process under subsection (b) through submission of written or oral comments or by otherwise notifying the Forest Service of their interest in the proposed action may file an appeal. (d) DISPOSITION OF AN APPEAL. — (1) INFORMAL DISPOSITION.— Public information. 16 USC 1612 note. Federal Register, publication.