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106 STAT. 1428 PUBLIC LAW 102-382—OCT. 5, 1992 FACILITIES RENT/LEASES For the purpose of funding costs associated with the rental and leasing of radlities for governmental purposes, $16,682,000. TRAUMA CARE FUND For the purpose of establishing the Trauma Care Fund, $5,561,600, which shall be used to reimburse the actual cost of uncompensated care provided at Level I trauma centers in the District of Colimibia: Provided, That no trauma center may receive an amount greater than its proportionate share of the total available in the fund, in any fiscal year, as determined by its proportionate share of toted uncompensated care among Level I trauma centers in the District of Columbia for the most recent year such data is available: Provided further, That in no case may any trauma center receive more than 35 percent of the total amount available in any one fiscal year: Provided further. That these funds are available for obligation and expenditure upon enactment of this Act and shall be subject to any modifications that may be enacted in authorizing legislation. FURLOUGH ADJUSTMENT Each agenQT, office, and instrumentality of the District, except the District of Columbia Courts, shall furlough each employee of the respective agency, office, or instrumentality for one day in each month of ti^e fiscal year ending September 30, 1993, or a proportional number of hours for part-time employees. The personal services spending authority for each agency, office, and instnmientaUty subject to this section is reduced in an amount equal to the savings resulting from the employee furloughs required by this section, for a total reduction of $36,000,000. The Council shall enact legislation to implement this section which may include but shall not be limited to procedures to ensure that public health and safety functions are carried out. WITHIN-GRADE SALARY ADJUSTMENTS Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no employee of any agency, office, or instrumentality of the District shall receive within-grade salary increases during the fiscal year ending September 30, 1993, and no time during the fiscal year ending September 30, 1993 shall accrue toward the waiting period for advancement to the following rate within the grade. The spending authority for each agency, office and instnunentality is reduced in an amount equal to ^e savings resulting from the acUustments required by tMs section, for a total reduction of $13,000,000. PERSONAL AND NONPERSONAL SERVICES ADJUSTMENTS The Mayor shall reduce appropriations and expenditures for personal and nonpersonal services in the amount of $30,798,600, within one or several of the various appropriation headii^ in thisAct. -^ . ^=. -.,-,....••>. j-vv--..*,.,...^.....,...^.„.- ...