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PUBLIC LAW 102-385—OCT. 5, 1992 106 STAT. 1467 franchise requirements to support public, educational, and governmental channels or the use of such channels or any otiier services required under the franchise. "(5) iMPLEMEhPTATION AND ENFORCEMENT. —The regulations prescribed by the Commission under this subsection shall include additional standards, guidelines, and procedures concerning the implementation and enforcement of such regulations, which shall include— "(A) procedures by which cable operators may implement and franchising authorities may enforce the regulations prescribed by the Commission under this subsection; "(B) procedures for the expeditious resolution of disputes between cable operators and franchising authorities concerning the administration of such regulations; "(C) standards and procedures to prevent imreasonable charges for changes in the subscriber's selection of services or equipment subject to regulation under this section, which standards shall require that charges for changing the service tier selected shall be based on the cost of such change and shall not exceed nominal amoiuits when the system's configuration permits changes in service tier selection to be effected solely by coded entry on a computer terminal or by other similarly simple method; and "(D) standards and procedures to assure that subscribers receive notice of the availabihty of the basic service tier required under this section. "(6) NOTICE. —The procedures prescribed by the Commission pursuant to paragraph (5)(A) shall require a cable operator to provide 30 days' advance notice to a franchising authority of any increase proposed in the price to be charged for the basic service tier. "(7) COMPONENTS OP BASIC TIER SUBJECT TO RATE REGULA- TION. — "(A) MINIMUM CONTENTS. —Each cable operator of a cable sjTstem shall provide its subscribers a separately available basic service tier to which subscription is required for access to any other tier of service. Such basic service tier shall, at a minimum, consist of the following: "(i) All signals ceuried in fidfillment of the requirements of sections 614 and 615. "(ii) Any public, educational, and governmental access programming required by the franchise of the cable S3rstem to be provided to subscribers. "(iii) Any signal of any television broadcast station that is provided by the cable operator to any subscriber, except a signal which is secondarily transmitted by a satellite carrier beyond the local service area of such station. "(B) PERMITTED ADDITIONS TO BASIC TIER. —A cable operator may add additioned video programming signals or services to the basic service tier. Any such additional signals or services provided on the basic service tier shall be provided to subscribers at rates determined under the regulations prescribed by the Commission under this subsection. " (8) BUY-THROUGH OF OTHER TIERS PROHIBITED.—