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PUBLIC LAW 102-388—OCT. 6, 1992 106 STAT. 1557 "(d) REGULATIONS.—The Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Treasury, shall promulgate such regulations as may be necessary to carry out this section, including regulations to establish a procedure to verify the labeling information required by this section. Such regulations shall provide to the ultimate purchaser of a new passenger motor vehicle the best and most understandable information possible about the foreign and U.S./Canada origin of the equipment of such vehicles without imposing costly and unnecessary burdens on the manufacturers. The regulations shall be promulgated promptly after the enactment of this section in order to provide adequate lead time for all manufacturers to comply with this section. The regulations shall include provisions applicable to outside and allied suppliers to require such suppliers to certify whether a component provided by such suppliers is United States, U.SVCanadian, or foreign and to provide such other information as may be necessary, as determined by the Secretary, to enable the manufacturer to reasonably comply with the provisions of this section and to rely on such certification and information. The regulations applicable to all suppliers shall be enforceable as a regulation of the Secretary under the appropriate provisions of this Act. "(e) VIOLATIONS AND PENALTIES. —Any manufacturer of automobiles distributed in commerce for sale in the United States who willfully fails to affix to any new automobile so manufactured or imported by him for sale in the United States the label required by this section, or any dealer who fails to maintain such label as required by this section, shall be fined not more than $1,000. Such failure with respect to each automobile shall constitute a separate offense. "(f) DEFINITIONS. — For puiposes of this section: "(1) The term 'manufacturer* means any person engaged in the manufacturing or assembling of new automobiles, including any person importing new automobiles for resale and any person who acts for and is under the control of such manufacturer, assembler, or importer in connection with the distribution of new automobiles. "(2) The term 'person' means an individual, partnership, corporation, business trust, or any organized group of persons. "(3) The term 'passenger motor vehicle' has the meaning provided in section 2(1) of this Act, except that it shall include any multipurpose vehicle and light duty truck that is rated at 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight or less. "(4) The term 'passenger motor vehicle equipment' means any system, subassembly, or component received at the final vehicle assembly point for installation on, or attachment to, such vehicle at the time of its initial shipment by the manufacturer to a dealer for sale to an ultimate purchaser. The term 'component' shall not include minor parts, such as attachment hardware (nuts, bolts, clips, screws, pins, braces, etc.) and such other similar items as the Secretary, in consultation with manufacturers and labor, may prescribe by rule. "(5) The terms 'originated in the United States and Canada', 'U.SyCanadian', and 'of U.SyCanadian origin', in referring to automobile equipment, means— "(A) for outside suppliers, the purchase price of automotive equipment whicn contains at least 70 percent value added in the United States and Canada; and