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PUBLIC LAW 102-388—OCT. 6, 1992 106 STAT. 1559 "(13) When used in reference to passenger motor vehicle equipment which is of U.S./Canadian origin, the term 'percentage (by value)' means the resulting percentage when the percentage (by value) of such equipment not of U.S./Canadian origin that will be installed or included on such vehicles produced within a carline is subtracted from 100 percent. Value shall be expressed in terms of purchase price. For both outside suppliers and allied suppliers the value used shall be the purchase price of the passenger motor vehicle equipment as paid at the nnal assembly point. "(14) The term 'final assembly* point shall mean the plant, factory, or other place at which a new passenger motor vehicle is produced or assembled by a manufacturer and from which such vehicle is delivered to a dealer or importer in such a condition that all component parts necessary to the mechanical operation of such automobile are included with such vehicle whether or not such component parts are permanently installed in or on such vehicle. "(15) The term 'allied supplier* means a supplier of passenger motor vehicle equipment that is wholly owned by the manufacturer, or in the case of a joint venture vehicle assembly arrangement, any supplier that is wholly owned by one member of the joint venture arrangement. "(16) The terms 'foreign' or 'foreign content' mean passenger motor vehicle equipment not determined to be U.S./Canadian origin. "(17) The term 'outside supplier' means a supplier of passenger motor vehicle equipment to a manufacturer's allied supplier or anyone other than an allied supplier who ships directly to the manufacturer's final assembly point. "(g) EFFECT ON STATE LAW.— (1) Whenever a content labeling requirement established under this section is in effect, no State or political subdivision of a State shall have the authority to adopt or enforce any law or regulation relating to the content of vehicles covered by such Federal requirement. "(2) Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent any State or political subdivision thereof from establishing requirements with respect to content of automobiles procured for its own use.". SEC. 356. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, rule, or regulation, the Secretary of Transportation is authorized to allow the issuer of any preferred stock heretofore sold to the Department to redeem or repurchase such stock upon the payment to the Department of an amount determined by Secretary. SEC. 357. The Historic United States Customs building located adjacent to Interstate Route 1-15 in Sweetgrass, Montana, and the border with Canada is hereby exempt from the restrictions contained in section 111 of title 23, United States Code, prohibiting use of and access to rights-of-way on the Interstate System: Provided, That such exemption shall be only for the purpose of permitting the use of such facility for the sale of only those articles which are for the export and for consumption outside the United States: Provided further, That such right-of-way access be developed in conjunction with the overall redesign planning work that is underway to relieve the congestion problems at the Sweetgrass border crossing. SEC. 358. Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, tolls New York. collected for motor vehicles on any bridge connecting the borough ^axes.