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PUBLIC LAW 102-390 —OCT. 6, 1992 106 STAT. 1623 (C) only such services as are provided in the United States, shall be acquired, directly or indirectly, by the Atlanta Committee for the Oljmipic Games, Inc. or the United States Olympic Committee with amounts provided to such Committees under this section. (2) EXCEPTION. —Paragraph (1) shall not apply with respect to the acquisition of any article, material, supply, or service, as the case may be, by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, Inc. or the United States Olympic Committee which is not described in such paragraph if such Committee determines that— (A) the cost of acquiring the article, material, supply, or service described in paragraph (1) is imreasonably expensive; (B) articles, materials, or supplies of the class or kind to be used or acquired, or the articles, materials, or supplies from which they are manufactured, are not mined, produced, or manufactured in, or services involved with such manufacture are not available in, the United States; or (C) services of the class or kind to be acquired are not provided in the United States. SEC. 109. AUDITS. The Comptroller General shall have the right to examine such books, records, documents, and other data of Atlanta Centennial Olympic Properties, Atlanta Committee for the Oljnnpic Games, Inc., and the United States Olympic Committee as may be related to the expenditure of amounts received by such entities under section 108. SEC. 110. FINANCIAL ASSURANCES. (a) No NET COST TO THE GOVERNMENT. —The Secretary shall take all actions necessary to ensure that the issuance of the coins authorized by this title shall result in no net cost to the United States Government. (b) ADEQUATE SECURITY FOR PAYMENT REQUIRED. — NO coin shall be issued under this title luiless the Secretary has received— (1) full payment for such coin; (2) security satisfactory to the Secretary to indemnify the United States for full payment of the coin; (3) a guarantee of full payment satisfactory to the Secretary from a depository institution whose deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the National Credit Union Administration Board; or (4) an agreement acceptable to the Secretary that coins held in the custody of a consignee pursuant to section 106(d) are adequately secured. SEC. 111. RECIPROCITY OF OLYMPIC COIN SALES. With respect to any coin issued by a foreign coxmtry in commemoration of the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games— (1) the Secretary shall determine whether the foreign country accords (or, by January 1, 1995, will accord) the coins issued under this Act the same competitive treatment (including effective market access) as the United States accords the coins issued by the foreign country; and