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106 STAT. 1664 PUBLIC LAW 102-391—OCT. 6, 1992 of Egypt and the State of Israel, done at Washington on March 26, 1979, Israel incurred severe economic burdens. Furthermore, the Congress recognizes that an economically and militarily secure Israel serves the security interests of the United States, for a secure Israel is an Israel which has the incentive and confidence to continue pursuing the peace process. Therefore, the Congress declares that it is the policy and me intention of the United States that the funds provided in annual appropriations for the Economic Support Fund which are allocated to Israel shall not be less than the annual debt repayment (interest and principal) from Israel to the United States Government in recognition tnat such a principle serves United States interests in the region. CEILINGS AND EARMARKS SEC. 529. Ceilings and earmarks contained in this Act shall not be applicable to funds or authorities appropriated or otherwise made available by any subsequent Act unless such Act specifically so directs. ASSISTANCE FOR EL SALVADOR SEC. 530. (a) STATEMENT OF POLICY.—United States assistance for El Salvador shall have the following objectives: (1) To support national reconciliation and reconstruction in accordance with the requirements of the Peace Accords signed in Mexico on January 16, 1992, and subsequent agreements related to the implementation of those accords (the "Peace Accords"). (2) To support democratic practices, processes, and procedures, including efforts to achieve increased social justice, respect for human rights, and a firm commitment to political pluralism. (3) To support economic growth, development and stability, working in close consultation and coordination with multilateral development organizations, especially the United Nations, and with non-governmental organizations and associations with expertise in these areas. (b) NON-LETHAL MILITARY ASSISTANCE.— Of the funds appropriated by this Act for the "Foreign Military Financing Program", not more than $11,000,000 may be made available for military assistance (which shall be available only on a grant basis) for El Salvador, and such assistance shall be used only for non-lethal items for maintenance, sustainment, restructuring, and reduction and only in strict accordance with the newly defined mission of the Salvadoran Armed Forces as embodied within the Salvadoran Peace Accords. (c) DEMOBILIZATION AND TRANSITION FUND. —Not less than $29,000,000 of the funds appropriated by this Act for Foreign Military Financing assistance, snail be transferred to the "Demobilization and Transition Fund" (the "Fund") established by section 531(f) of the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 1991, and used only to carry out the purposes of the Fund as specified in section 531(0(3) of that Act. Amounts transferred to the Fund shall remain available until expended. (d) LIMITATIONS ON THE PROVISION OF MILITARY ASSISTANCE. — (1) PROHIBITION.— Except as provided in this section, funds appropriated by this Act may not be made available for Foreign Military Financing assistance for El Salvador.