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106 STAT. 1696 PUBLIC LAW 102-391—OCT. 6, 1992 of American firms that have commercial relations with Israel as a confidence-biiilding measure; (B) take into consideration the participation of any recipient country in the primary boycott of Israel and the secondary and tertiary boycotts of American firms that have commerical relations with Israel when determining whether to sell weapons to said country; (C) report to Congress on the specific steps being taken by the President to bring about a public renimciation of the Arab primary boycott of Israel and the secondary and tertiary boycotts of American firms that have commercial relations with Israel; and (D) encourage the allies and trading partners of the United States to enact laws prohibiting businesses from complying with the boycott and penalizing businesses that do comply. IMPACT ON JOBS IN THE UNITED STATES SEC. 599. None of the funds appropriated by this Act may be obligated or expended to provide— (a) any financial incentive to a business enterprise currently located in the United States for the purpose of inducing such an enterprise to relocate outside the United States if such incentive or inducement is likely to reduce the number of employees of such business enterprise in the United States because United States production is being replaced by such enterprise outside the United States; (b) assistance for the purpose of establishing or developing in a foreign country any export processing zone or designated area in which the tax, tarifT, labor, environment, and safety laws of that country do not apply, in part or in whole, to activities carried out within that zone or area, unless the President determines and certifies that such assistance is not likely to cause a loss ofjobs within the United States; or (c) assistance for any project or activity that contributes to the violation of internationaly recognized workers rights, as defined in section 502(a)(4) of the Trade Act of 1974, of workers in the recipient country, including any designated zone or area in that country. HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE FOR ARMENIA SEC. 599A (a) Of the aggregate of the funds appropriated by this Act to carry out chapter 1 of part I of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, not less than $5,000,000 shall be made available, notwithstanding any provision of law which restricts assistence to foreign countries, for refugee assistence to Armenia. (b) It is the sense of Congress that the Administration should— (1) encourage Japan or any oil exporting nation to provide fuel to Armenia for urgently needed humanitarian purposes, to include harvesting the autumn crop; (2) renew its existing commitment to deliver this fuel by United States transport; (3) ensure that safeguards are in place to guarantee that the Aiel is used solely for the humaniterian purposes intended.