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106 STAT. 1724 PUBLIC LAW 102-392—OCT. 6, 1992 (C) the Office of the Architect of the CapitdL (b) The Task Force is authorized to consult with the Senate committees with jurisdiction over the statutes referred to in subsection (c)(2). (c)(1) The Task Force shall— (A) review all existing statutes under which the Senate is covered; (B) review Senate rules to determine whether the Senate is effectively complying with other statutes that covld be applied to uie Senate such as those hsted in paragraph (2); and (C) recommend the extent to which, and the way in which, these statutes should be applied to the Senate. (2) The statutes referred to in paragraph (1) are— (A) conflict statutes; (B) the Freedom of Information Act; (C) the Privacy Act; and (D) labor laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. (d) The Task Force shall use existing Senate staff to carry out its responsibilities under this section. I^poi^- (e) The Task Force shall report its findings and recommendations to the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader not later than September 1, 1993. SEC. 316. (a) Section 309(a) of Public Law 102-166 (2 U.S.C. 1209) is amended by striking "or any Member of the Senate" through "a Member of the Senate' and" and inserting "and". 2 USC 1222. (b) Section 323 of such Act is repealed. SEC. 317. The provisions of House Concurrent Resolution 192 (102d Congress), agreed to August 6, 1992 (relating to the Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress), shall continue in effect until December 31, 1993. SEC. 318. Section 6(a) of the Judiciary Office Building Development Act (40 U.S.C. 1205(a)) is amended by adding at the end the following new paragraphs: "(7) LEASE AUTHORITY.— The Architect of the Capitol is authorized to lease and occupy not more than 75,000 square feet of space in the Federal Ju^ciary Building. Payments under any such lease shall be made upon vouchers approved by the Architect of the Capitol. There are authorized to be \ appropriated— "(A) to the Architect of the Capitol such sums as may be necessary to carry out this paragraph, including sums for the acquisition and installation of furniture and fiunishings for space leased under this paragraph; and "(B) to the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate such sums as may be necessary for the planning, acquisition, and installation of telecommunications equipment and services for the Architect of the Capitol with respect to space leased under this paragraph. "(8) LEASE APPROVAL.—Any lease under paragraph (7) shall be subject to approval by the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives, the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate, the House Office Building Commission, and the Committee on Rules and Administration of the Senate.".