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106 STAT. 1746 PUBLIC LAW 102-393 —OCT. 6, 1992 and Senate to the extent savings are effected in other such projects; (2) not to exceed $594,066,000 which shall remain available until expended, for repairs and alterations: Provided further. That funds in the Federal Buildings Fund for Repairs and Alterations shall, for prospectus projects, be limited to the amount by project as en project may be increased by to exceed 10 per centum unless advance approval is obtained from follows, except eacn project may be increased by an amount not the Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate of a greater amount: Repairs and Alterations: California: San Francisco, U.S. Court of Appeals Annex, $91,563,000 Colorado: Lakewood, Denver Federal Center, Building 56, $4,378,000 LaJ^ewood, Denver Federal Center, Building 67, $3,498,000 Lakewood, Denver Federal Center, Building 810, $9,975,000 Connecticut: Hartford, A.A. Ribicofif Federal Building sind Courthouse, $8,008,000 District of Colimibia: Agriculture Administration Building, $7,195,000 Frances Perkins Department of Labor Building, $8,500,000 Idaho: Boise, Federal Building and Courthouse, $9,352,000 Louisiana: New Orleans, Custom House, $5,716,000 Maryland: Avondale, De LaSalle Building, $9,170,000 Baltimore, Custom House, $11,878,000 Baltimore, George H. Fallon Federal Building, $21,301,000 Michigan: Battle Creek, Federal Center, $26,197,000 Detroit, Federal Building and Courthouse, $6,976,000 New York: New York, Jacob K. Javits Federal Building, (phase 1), $23,438,000 Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, $10,366,000 Tulsa, Federal Building, $8,458,000 Rhode Island: Providence, J. O. Pastore Federal Building and Post Office, $5,233,000 Texas: Austin, Homer Thomberry Judicial Center, $3,186,000 Houston, Ciistom House, $4,665,000 Utah: Ogden, IRS Center, $4,884,000 Virginia: Richmond, Federal Office Building, $24,000,000 Washington: