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106 STAT. 1862 PUBLIC LAW 102-395—OCT. 6, 1992 is for migrant programs; $1,254,000 is for law school clinics; $1,139,000 is for supplemental field programs; $711,000 is for regional training centers; $8,241,000 is for national support; $9,448,000 is for State support; $985,000 is for the Clearinghouse; $582,000 is for computer assisted legal research regional centers; $9,774,000 is for Corporation management and administration; $50,000 is for board initiatives; and of which $450,000 shall remain available until expended for a grant to supplement the grant for a National Resource and Training Center suitable to accommodate National Trial Advocacy Institutes for Legal Services Corporation personnel under the provisions set forth under the heading Legal Services Corporation in Public Law 102-140 and in section 120(c) ofPublic Law 102-154. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES For necessary expenses, not otherwise provided for, of the Small Business Administration as authorized by Public Law 101-574, including hire of passenger motor vehicles as authorized by 31 U.S.C. 1343 and 1344, and not to exceed $3,500 for official reception and representation expenses, $248,800,000 of which $67,000,000 is for grants for performance in fiscal year 1993 or fiscal year 1994 for Small Business Development Centers as authorized by section 21 of the Small Business Act, as amended: Provided, That not more than $500,000 of this amount shall be available to pay the expenses of the National Small Business Development Center Advisory Board and to reimburse centers for participating in evaluations as provided in section 20(a) of such Act, and to maintain a clearinghouse as provided in section 21(g)(2) of such Act. Of the remaining $181,800,000 provided in this paragraph: $3,090,000 shall be available for the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE); $3,015,000 shall be available to the Small Business Institute (SBI) program; $16,000,000 shall be available to implement section 24 of the Small Business Act, as amended; $500,000 shall be available for a grant to the Washington State University Research Foundation for construction of a business incubator facility; $400,000 shall be available for a grant to the City of St. Louis, Missouri, for the development of a Biomedical Technopolis; $1,500,000 shall be available for a grant to the City of Worcester, Massachusetts, for infrastructure, architectural and engineering, and associated costs for the expansion of the Worcester Centrum and Exhibition Hall; $465,000 shall be available for a grant to the Center for Manufacturing Productivity at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; $150,000 shall be available for a grant to the Canisius College Center for Entrepreneurship; $200,000 shall be available for a grant to the University of Central Arkansas for the Small Business Institute Program's National Data Center; $450,000 shall be available for a grant to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for a program to provide basic and high technology technical assistence to small and medium sized manufacturers located in rural areas; $750,000 shall be available for a grant to Hazard Community College in Hazard, Kentucky, to assist in the design and construction of a business and industry technical assistance facility; $1,000,000 shall be available for a grant to Morgan County, Kentucky, to assist in the restoration and improvement of the (3ld Morgan County High School building; $500,000