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PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 106 STAT. 2713 (2) a Reserve designated pursuant to section 268(b) of title 10, United States Code, who is assigned to an authorized position the performance of the duties of which qualify the member for basic pay or compensation for inactive-duty training or both. SEC. 4418. RESTRICTION ON RESERVE FORCE REDUCTION. (a) IN GENERAL.— During the force reduction transition period. Regulations. a member of the Selected Keserve may not be involuntarily discharged from a reserve component of the Armed Forces, or involuntarily transferred frt)m the Selected Reserve, before the Secretary of Defense has prescribed and implemented regulations that govern the treatment of members of the Selected Reserve assigned to such units and members of the Selected Reserve that are being subjected to such actions and a copy of such relations has been transmitted to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and House of Representatives. (b) SAVINGS PROVISION.— Subsection (a) shall not apply to actions completed before the date of the enactment of this Act. SEC. 4414. TRANSITION PLAN REQUIREMENTS. (a) PURPOSE OF PLAN.— The purpose of the regulations referred to in section 4413 shall be to ensure that the members of the Selected Reserve are treated with fairness, with respect for their service to their country, and with attention to the adverse personal consequences of Selected Reserve unit inactivations, involimtary discharges of such members from the reserve components of the Armed Forces, and involuntary transfers of such members from the Selected Reserve. (b) SCOPE OF PLAN. —The regulations shall include— (1) such provisions as are necessary to implement the provisions of this subtitle and the amendments made by this subtitle; and (2) such other policies and procediures for the recruitment of personnel for service in the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve, and for the reassignment, retraining, separation, and retirement of members of the Selected Reserve, as are appropriate for satisfying the needs of the Selected Reserve together with the purpose set out in subsection (a). (c) MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR PLAN.— The regulations shall include the following: (1) The giving of a priority for enrollment in, or reassignment to. Selected Reserve units not being inactivated to— (A) p|ersonnel being separated from active-duty or frdltime National Guard duty; and (B) members of the Selected Reserve whose units are inactivated. (2) The giving of a priority to such personnel for transfer among the reserve components of the Armed Forces in order to facilitate reassignment to such imits. (3) A requirement that the Secretaries of the military departments take diligent actions to ensure that members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces are informed in easily understandable terms of the rights and benefits conferred upon such personnel by this subtitle, by the amendments made by this subtitle, and by such regulations. (4) Such other protections, preferences, and benefits as the Secretary of Defense considers appropriate.