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PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 106 STAT. 2727 "(2) A member who is discharged or released from service under other than honorable conditions shall not be eligible to participate in the program. "(3) The Secretary may accept an application from a member who was discharged or released from active duty during the period beginning on October 1, 1990, and ending on Octol^r 1, 1992, if the member otherwise satisfies the eligibility criteria specified in paragraph (1). "(d) INFORMATION REGARDING PLACEMENT PROGRAM. —The Secretary of Defense shall provide information regarding the placement program, and make applications for the program available, to members as part of preseparation counseling provided under section 1142 of tnis title. The information provided to members shall identify those States that have alternative certification or licensure requirements for teachers, including those States that grant credit for service in the armed forces toward satisfying such requirements, and indicate those local educational agencies identified under subsection (b)(2) as experiencing a shortage of qualified teachers or teachers' aides. "(e) SELECTION OF PARTICIPANTS. —(1) Selection of members to participate in the placement program authorized by subsection (a) shall De made on the basis of applications submitted to the Secretary of Defense before the date of the discharge or release of the members from active duty. In the case of members referred to in subsection (c)(3), the Secretary shall establish a reasonable time period after the date of the enactment of this section for the submission of applications. An application shall be in such form and contain such information as the Secretary may require. "(2) In selecting paiticipants to receive assistance for placement as elementary or secondary school teachers, the Secretary shall give priority to members who— "(A) have educational or military experience in science, mathematics, or engineering and agree to seek employment as science, mathematics, or engineering teachers in elementary or secondary schools; or "(B) have educational or military experience in another subject area identified by the Secretary, m consultation with the Secretary of Education, as important for national educational objectives and agree to seek employment in that subject area in elementary or secondary schools. "(3) The Secretary may not select a member to participate in the program unless the Secretary has sufficient appropriations for the placement program available at the time of the selection to satisfy the obligations to be incurred by the United States under subsections (g) and (h) with respect to that member. "(f) AGREEMENT. —A member selected to participate in the placement progreun authorized by subsection (a) shall be required to enter mto an agreement with the Secretary of Defense m which the member agrees— "(1) to obtain, within such time as the Secretary may require, certification or licensure as an elementery or secondary school teacher or the necessary credentials to serve as a teacher's aide in an elementary or secondary school; and " (2) to accepts "(A) in the case of a member selected for assistance for placement as a teacher, an offer of full-time employment as an elementery or secondary school teacher for not less