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PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 106 STAT. 2745 with the Office of Economic Acyiistment and other relevant agencies. "(C) PROVISION OF STATE DISLOCATED WORKER SERV- ICES. — The applicant shall provide verification that the State dislocated worker unit has provided, or is in the process of providing, in addition to the services described in section 311(b)(3) and 314(b), the following activities and services: "(i) The State dislocated worker unit, in coiyunction with the substate grantee (and where appropriate, representatives from the Department of Defense), has established on-site contact with employers and employee representatives affected by a dislocation or potential dislocation of eligible individuals, preferably not later than 2 business days after notification of such dislocation. "(ii) The State dislocated worker unit has promoted the formation of a labor-management committee or other employer-employee entity in the case of a facility affected by an employee dislocation or potential dislocation in accordance with section 314(b)(l)(B), including the provision of technical assistance and, where appropriate, financial assistance to cover the start-up costs of such committee. "(iii) The State dislocated worker unit has provided, in conjunction with the labor-management committee or other employer-employee entity established pursuant to clause (ii), the following services: "(I) An initial siuvey of potential eligible individuals to determine the approximate niunber of such individuals interested in receiving services under this section, orientation sessions, counseling services, and early intervention services for eligible individuals and management. Such services may be provided in coordination with representatives from the United States Employment Service, the Interstate Job Bank, the Department of Defense, and the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee. "(II) Initial basic rea4ju8tment services in coi\junction with such services provided by substate grantees. "(D) SKILLS UPGRADING.— The applicant shall provide assurances satisfactory to the Secretary of Defense that if the applicant uses amounts from a grant under subsection (a) for skills upgrading at defense facilities pursuant to subsection (f)(2), the applicant will maintain its expenditures from all other sources for skills upgrading at or above the average level of such expenditures in the fiscal year preceding the date of the enactment of this section. "(2) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. — The Secretary of Defense may provide technical assistance to an applicant for the purpose of assisting the applicant to meet the application requirements under paragraph (1). "(3) TIMELY DECISION. —The Secretary of Defense shall make a determination with regard to an application received