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106 STAT. 2888 PUBLIC LAW 102-486—OCT. 24, 1992 (3)(A) In the case of a covered person described in paragraph (2) wilii more than one afiBliate, division, or other business unit, only an afiSIiate, division, or business unit which is substantially engaged in the alternative fuels business (as determined by the Secretary by rule) shall be subject to this subsection. (B) No covered person or afiBIiatej division, or other business unit of such person whose principal business is— (i) transforming alternative fuels into a product that is not an alternative fuel; or (ii) consuming alternative fuels as a feedstock or fuel in the manufacture of a product that is not an alternative fuel, shall be subject to this subsection. (4) The vehicles purchased pursuant to this section shall be operated solely on alternative fuels except when operating in an area where the appropriate alternative fuel is unavailable. (5) Regulations issued under paragraph (1) shall provide for the prompt exemption by the Secretuy, through a simple and reasonable process, from the requirements of paragraph (1) of any covered person, in whole or in part, if such person demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Secretary that— (A) alternative fueled vehicles that meet the normal requirements and practices of the principal business of that person are not reasonably available for acquisition; or (B) alternative fuels that meet the normal requirements and practices of the principal business of that person are not available in the area in which the vehicles are to be operated, (b) REVISIONS AND EXTENSIONS.— With respect to model years 1997 and thereafter, the Secretary may— (1) revise the percentage requirements under subsection (a)(1) downward, except that under no circumstances shall the percentile requirement for a model year be less than 20 percent; and (2) extend the time under subsection (a)(1) for up to 2 model years. Regulations. (c) OPTION FOR ELECTRIC UTILITIES.— The Secretary shall, within 1 ^ear after the date of enactment of this Act, issue regulations requiring that, in the case of a covered person whose principal business is generating, transmitting, importing, or selling at wholesale or retul electricity, the requirements of subsection (a)(1) shall not apply until after December 31, 1997, with respect to electric motor vehicles. Any covered person described in this subsection which plans to acquire electric motor vehicles to comply with the requirements of this section shall so notify the Secretary before January 1, 1996. (d) REPORT TO CONGRESS.— The Secretary shall, before January 1, 1998, submit a report to the Congress providing detailed information on actions taken to carry out this section, and the progress made and problems encountered thereunder. 42 USC 13252. SEC. 502. REPLACEMENT FUEL SUPPLY AND DEMAND PROGRAM. (a) ESTABLISHMENT OF PROGRAM. —The Secretary shall establish a program to promote the development and use in light duty motor vehicles of oomestic replacement fuels. Such program shall promote the replacement of petroleum motor fuels wim replacement mels to the maximum extent practicable. Such program shall, to the extent practicable, ensure the availability of ^ose replacement fuels that will have the greatest impact in reducing oil imports,