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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS 5CV11 PUBLIC LAW 102-446.... 102-447 102-448 102^449 102-450 102-451 102-452 102-453 102-454 102-455 102-456 102-457 102-458 102-459 102-460 102-461 102-462 102-463 102-464 102-465 102-466 102-467 To designate the Federal building and United States courthouse located at the corner of College Avenue and Mountain Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas, as the "John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building and United States Courthouse". To designate the Central Square facility of the United States Postal Service in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as the "CUfton Merriman Post Office Building". To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1100 Wythe Street in Alexandria, Virg'nia, as the "Helen Day United States Post Office uilding". To designate the Department of Veterans Affairs medical center in MarUn, Texas, as the "Thomas T. Connally Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center". To designate May of each year as "Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month". To authorize certain additional uses of the Library of Congress Special Facilities Center, and for other purposes. Granting the consent of the Congress to the Interstate Rail Passenger Network Compact. Cedar River Watershed Land Exchange Act of 1992 To provide for the distribution within the United States of certain materials prepared by the United States Information Agency. To designate the Federal Building located at Main and Church Streets in Victoria, Texas, as the "Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building". To redesignate Springer Mountain National Recreation Area as "Ed Jenkins National Recreation Area". Congressional Award Act Amendments of 1992 To direct expedited negotiated settlement of the land rights of the Kenai Natives Association, Inc., under section 14(h)(3) of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, by directing land acquisition and exchange negotiations by the Secretary of the Interior and certain Alaska Native corporations involving lands and interests in lands held by the United States and such corporations. To amend certain provisions of law relating to establishment, in the District of Columbia or its environs, of a memorial to honor Thomas Paine. To amend the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act To amend the National Trails System Act to designate the American Discovery Trail for study to determine the feasibility and desirability of its designation as a national trail. Designating the week beginning January 3, 1993, as "Braille Literacy Week". rinning November 1, 1992, as services Awareness Week". 1993, as "Religious Freedom DATE PAGE Oct. 23, 1992 2247 Oct. 23, 1992 2248 Oct. 23, 1992 2249 Oct. 23, 1992 2250 Oct. 23, 1992 2251 Oct. 23, 1992 2253 Oct. 23, 1992 2255 Oct. 23, 1992 2258 Oct. 23, 1992 2262 Oct. 23, 1992 2263 Oct. 23, 1992 2264 Oct. 23, 1992 2265 Oct. 23, 1992 2267 Designating the week be^ "National Medical Staff I Designating January 16, Day". Designating October 24, 1992, through November 1, 1992, as "National Red Ribbon Week for a Drug-Free America". Designating October 14, 1992, as "National Occupational Therapy Day". Designating the week beginning February 14, 1993, as "National Visiting Nurse Associations Week". Oct. 23, 1992 2268 Oct. 23, 1992 2270 Oct. 23, 1992 2273 Oct. 23, 1992...... 2274 Oct. 23, 1992 2276 Oct. 23, 1992 2277 Oct. 23, 1992 2279 Oct. 23, 1992 2281 Oct. 23, 1992 2283