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106 STAT. 3064 PUBLIC LAW 102-486—OCT. 24, 1992 Regulations. (3) advanced batteries with high energy density and power density, and improved range or recharging cycles for a given unit weight, for electric motor vehicle application; (4) hybrid power trains incorporating an electric motor and recyclable battery charged by an onboard liquid fuel engine, designed to significantly improve fuel economies while maintaining acceleration characteristics comparable to a conventionally fueled vehicle; (5) batteries and fuel cells for electric-hybrid vehicle application; (6) fuel cells and fuel cell systems for primary electric motor vehicle power sources; and (7) photovoltaics for use with electric motor vehicles. (d) SOLICITATION OF PROPOSALS. — (1) Within one year after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall solicit proposals for cooperative agreements for research and development under subsection (c). (2) Thereafter, the Secretary may solicit additional proposals for cooperative agreements under subsection (c) if, in the judgment of the Secretary, such cooperative agreements could contribute to the development of electric motor vehicles and associated equipment. (e) COST-SHARING.— (1) The Secretary shall require at least 50 percent of the costs directly and specifically related to any cooperative agreement under this section, other than a cooperative agreement under subsection (j), to be from non-Federal sources. Such share may be in the form of cash, personnel, services, equipment, and other resources. (2) The Secretary may reduce the amount of costs required to be provided by non-Federal sources under paragraph (1), if the Secretary determines that the reduction is necessary and appropriate— (A) considering the technological risks involved in the project; and (B) in order to meet the objectives of this section. (f) DEPLOYMENT. —(1) The Secretary shall conduct a program designed to accelerate deployment of advanced battery technologies for use with electric motor vehicles. (2) In carrving out the program authorized by this subsection, the Secretary shall-— (A) undertake an inventory and assessment of advanced battery technologies and electric motor vehicle technologies and the commercial capability of such technologies; and (B) develop a Federal industry information exchange program to improve the deplovment or use of such technologies, which may consist of worksnops, publications, conferences, and a data base for use by the public and private sectors. (g) DOMESTIC PARTS MANUFACTURERS. —In carrying out this section, the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce, shall issue regulations to ensure that the procurement practices of participating electric motor vehicle and associated equipment manufacturers do not discriminate against the United States manufacturers of vehicle parts. (h) HOLD HARMLESS.— Nothing in this section shall be construed to alter, affect, modi^, or change any activities or agreements initiated prior to the date of enactment of this Act with domestic