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PUBLIC LAW 102-519—OCT. 25, 1992 106 STAT. 3393 obtained the vehicle, and a statement of whether the vehicle was crushed or otherwise disposed of for sale or other purposes. (2) APPLICATION. — Paragraph (1) shall not apply to— (A) persons or entities that are required by State law to report the acquisition of junk vehicles or salvage vehicles to State or local authorities if such authorities make such information available to the operator, or (B) any person who is issued a verification under section 607 of the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act stating that the vehicle or parts from such vehicle are not reported as stolen. (b) INSURANCE CARRIERS. — Beginning at a time determined by the Secretary, but no earlier than 3 months prior to the establishment of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, any person or entity engaged in the business of an insurance carrier shall file, directly or through a designated agent, a monthly report with the operator. Such report shall contain an inventory oi all vehicles of the current model year or any of the 4 preceding model years which such carrier has, during the preceding month, obtained possession of and determined to be salvage or junk vehicles. Such inventory shall contain the vehicle identification number of each vehicle obtained, the date on which it was obtained, the name of the person or entity from whom the reporter obtained the vehicle, and the owner of the vehicle at the time of the filing of the report. (c) ENFORCEMENT PROVISIONS. — (1) PENALTY AMOUNT.— Whoever violates this section may be assessed a civil penalty of not to exceed $1,000 for each violation. (2) PENALTY PROCEDURE.— Any such penalty shall be assessed by the Secretary and collected in a civil action brought by the Attorney General of the United States. Any such penalty may be compromised by the Secretary. In determining the amount of such penalty, or the amount agreed upon in compromise, the appropriateness of such penalty to the size of the business of the person charged and the gravity of the violation shall be considered. The amount of such penalty, finally determined, or the amount agreed upon in compromise, may be deducted from any sums owed by the United States to the person charged. (d) PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES.— The Secretary shall establish by rule procedures and practices to facilitate reporting in the least burdensome and costly fashion. TITLE III—AMENDMENTS ON THEFT PREVENTION REGARDING "CHOP SHOP'* RELATED THEFTS SEC. 301. DEFINITIONS. (a) CARS, SPECIALTY' VEHICLES, AND LIGHT-DUTY TRUCKS.— Section 601(1) of the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act (15 U.S.C. 2021(1)) is amended to read as follows: "(1) The term 'passenger motor vehicle' includes any multipurpose passenger vehicle and light-duty truck that is rated at 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight or less.".