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106 STAT. 3492 PUBLIC LAW 102-531—OCT. 27, 1992 ^ "(D) an assessment of the extent to which the activities carried pursuant to subsection (a) have redutxMl the incidence of infertility in the geographic area involved; and "(E) such other information as the Secretax^ may require with respect to the project carried out with the grant. \2) UTILITY AND COMPARABILITY OP DATA.—The Secretary shall carry out activities for the purpose of ensuring the utility and comparability of data collected pursuant to paragraph (1). "(k) MAINTENANCE OP EPPORT.—With respect to activities for which a grant under subsection (a) is authorized to be expended, the Secretary may make such a grant only if the applicant involved agrees to maintain expenditures of non-Federal amounts for su(^ activities at a level that is not less than the average level of such expenditures maintained by the applicant for the 2-year period preceding the fiscal year for which the applicant is applying to receive such a grant. "(1) REQUIREMENT OF APPLICATION. — "(1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary may make a grant under subsection (a) only if an application for the grant is submitted to the Secretary, the application contains the plan required in paragraph (2), and the application is in such form, is made in such manner, and contains such agreements, assurances, and information as the Secretary determines to be necessary to carry out this section.


"(A) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary may make a grant under subsection (a) only if the applicant involved submits to the Secretary a plan describing the manner in which the applicsmt will comply with the agreements required as a condition of receiving such a grant, including a specification of the entities through which activities authorized in subsection (c) will be provided. "(B) PARTICIPATION OP CERTAIN ENTITIES.— The Secretary may make a grant under subsection (a) only if the applicant provides assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that the plan submitted under subparagraph (A) has been prepared in consultation with an appropriate number and variety of— "(i) representatives of entities in the geographic area involved that provide services for the prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases, including projgrams to provide to the public information and education reganung such diseases; and "(ii) representatives of entities in such area that provide family planning services, "(m) DURATION OF GRANT.—The period during which payments are made to an entity from a grant under subsection (a) may not exceed 3 years. The provision of such payments shall be subject to annual approval by the Secretary of the payments and subject to the avulability of appropriations for the nscal year involved to make the payments m such year. The preceding sentence may not be construed to establish a umitation on the number of granU under such subsection that may be made to an entity. 'Xn) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, AND SUPPLIES AND SERVICES IN LIEU OP GRANT FUNDS. —