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note. note. 106 STAT. 3640 PUBLIC LAW 102-547—OCT. 28, 1992 "(4) The term 'tribal organization' shall have the meaning given such term in section 4(1) of the Indian Self-Determination ' and Education Assistance Act (25 U.S.C. 450b(l)) and shall include the Department of Hawaiian Homelands, in the case of native Hawaiians, and such other organizations as the Secretary may prescribe.". ?LY^^^^^ (b) CONSULTATION.—In carrying out the direct housing loan pilot program authorized under subchapter V of chapter 37 of title 38, United States Code (as added by subsection (a)), the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall consider the views and recommendations, if any, of the Advisory Committee on Native-American Veterans established under section 19032 of the Veterans' Health- Care Amendments of 1986 (title XDC of Public Law 99-272; 100 Stat. 388). (c) CONFORMING AMENDMENT.— The table of sections of such chapter is amended by adding at the end the following new matter: "SUBCHAPTER V—NATIVE AMERICAN VETERAN HOUSING LOAN PILOT PROGRAM "3761. Pilot program. i "3762. Direct housing loans to Native American veterans. "3763. Housing loan program account. "3764. Definitions.". 38 ^sc 3761 (d) ANNUAL REPORTS.— Not later than February 1 of each of 1994 through 1998, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall transmit to the Committees on Veterans' Affairs of the Senate and House of Representatives a report relating to— (1) the implementation of the Native American veterans direct housing loan pilot program established under subchapter V of chapter 37 of title 38, United States Code (as added by subsection (a)), during the period ending on September 30 of the year preceding the date oi the report; (2) the Secretary exercise of the authority provided under section 3762(c)(l)(B) of such title (as so added) to make loans exceeding the maximum loan amount; (3) the appraisals performed for the Secretary during that period under the authority of section 3732(d)(2) of such title (as so added), including a description of— (A) the manner in which such appraisals were performed; (B) the qualifications of the appraisers who performed such appraisals; and (C) the actions taken by the Secretary with respect to such appraisals to protect the interests of veterans and the United States; and (4) the Secretary's recommendations, if any, for legislation regarding the pilot program. 38 USC 3761 (e) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.— New direct loan obligations for Native American veteran housing loans under subchapter V of chapter 37 of title 38, United States Code (as added by subsection (a)), may be incurred only to the extent that appropriations of budget authority to cover the anticipated cost, as defined m section 502 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, for such loans are made in advance. There is authorized to be appropriated for such purpose $5,000,000 for fiscal year 1993, which amount shall remain available without fiscal year limitation. (1) CONFORMING FUNDING AMENDMENT. —Title I of the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development, note.