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106 STAT. 3958 PUBLIC LAW 102-550 —OCT. 28, 1992 under this subsection by notice, after providing the enterprises with an opportunity to review and comment not less than 30 days before the issuance of such notice. Such notice shall be issued not later than the expiration of the 90-day period beginning upon the date of the enactment of this Act and shall be effective upon issuance. 12 USC 4563. SEC. 1333. SPECIAL AFFORDABLE HOUSING GOAL. (a) ESTABLISHMENT. — (1) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall establish a special annual goal designed to adjust the purchase by each enterprise of mortgages on rental and owner-occupied nousing to meet the then-existing luiaddressed needs of, and affordable to, lowincome families in low-income areas and very low-income families. The special affordable housing goal established under this section for an enterprise shall not be less than 1 percent of the dollar amount of the mortgage piu'chases by the enterprise for the previous year. (2) STANDARDS. —In establishing the special affordable housing goal for an enterprise, the Secretai^ shall consider— CA) data submitted to the Secretary m connection with the special affordable housing goal for previous years; (B) the performance and efforts of the enterprise toward achieving the special affordable housing goal in previous years; (C) national housing needs within the categories set forth in this section; (D) the ability of the enterprise to lead the industry in making mortgage credit available for low-income and very low-income families; and (E) the need to maintain the sound financial condition of the enterprise. (b) FULL CREDIT AcnvrriES. — (1) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall give full credit toward achievement of the special affordable housing goal under this section (for purposes of section 1336) to the following activities: (A) FEDERALLY RELATED MORTGAGES. —The purchase or securitization of federally insured or guaranteed mortgages, if— (i) such mortgages cannot be readily securitized through the Government National Mortgage Association or any other Federal agency; (ii) participation of the enterprise substantially enhances the affordability of the housing subject to such mortgages; and (iii) the mortgages involved are on housing that otherwise qualifies under such goal to be considered for purposes of such goal. (B) PORTFOLIOS.—The purchase or refinancing of existing, seasoned portfolios of loans, if— (i) the seller is engaged in a specific program to use the proceeds of such sales to originate additional loans that meet such goal; and (ii) such purchases or refinancings support additional lending for housing that otherwise qualifies under such goal to be considered for purposes of such goal.