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PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 3677 Subtitle B—Bank Regulatory Clarification Provisions Sec. 951. Amendment relating to estimates of real estate settlement costs. Sec. 952. A4justable rate mortgage caps. Sec. 953. Modifying separate capitalization rule for savings associations' subsidiaries engaged in activities not permissible for national banks. Sec. 954. Real estate appraisal amendment. Sec. 955. Insider lending. Sec. 956. Clarification of compensation standards. Sec. 957. Truth in Savings Act amendments. TITLE X—RESIDENTIAL LEAD-BASED PAINT HAZARD REDUCTION ACT OF 1992 Sec. 1001. Short title. Sec. 1002. Findings. Sec. 1003. Purposes. Sec. 1004. Definitions. Subtitle A—Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Sec. 1011. Grants for lead-based paint hazard reduction in target housing. Sec. 1012. Evaluation and reduction of lead-based paint hazards in federally assisted housing. Sec. 1013. Disposition of federally owned housing. Sec. 1014. Comprehensive housing afifordability strategy. Sec. 1015. Task force on lead-based paint hazard reduction and financing. Sec. 1016. National consultation on lead-based paint hazard reduction. Sec. 1017. Guidelines for lead-based paint hazard evaluation and reduction activities. Sec. 1018. Disclosure of information concerning lead upon transfer of residential property. Subtitle B—Lead Exposure Reduction Sec. 1021. Contractor training and certification. Subtitle C—Worker Protection Sec. 1031. Worker protection. Sec. 1032. Coordination between Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Labor. Sec. 1033. NIOSH responsibilities. Subtitle D—Research and Development PART 1—HUD RESEARCH Sec. 1051. Research on lead exposurefit)mother sources. Sec. 1052. Testing technologies. Sec. 1063. Authorization. PART 2—GAO REPORT Sec. 1056. Federal implementation and insurance study. Subtitle E—Reports Sec. 1061. Reports of the Secretary of Hoiising and Urban Development. TITLE XI—NEW TOWNS DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM FOR EMERGENCY REUEF OF LOS ANGELES Sec. 1101. Authority. Sec. 1102. New town plan. Sec. 1103. New town development demonstration program requirements. Sec. 1104. Federal mortgage insurance. Sec. 1105. Secondary soft mortgagefinancingfor housing. Sec. 1106. Community development assistance. Sec. 1107. Governing boards. Sec. 1108. Reports. Sec. 1109. Definitions. TITLE XII—REMOVAL OF REGULATORY BARRIERS TO AFFORDABLE HOUSING Sec. 1201. Short title. Sec. 1202. Purposes.