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106 STAT. 4134 PUBLIC LAW 102-552—OCT. 28, 1992 " (B) REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL EXAMINATION OR OTHER INFORMATION. —If the Board determines that such reports or information are not adequate to enable the Corporation to carry out the duties of the Corporation under this subsection, the Board shall request the Farm Credit Administration to examine or to obtain other information from or about the System institution and provide to the Corporation the resulting examination report or such other information. "(2) APPOINTMENT OF EXAMINERS.— If the Farm Credit Administration informs the Corporation that the Farm Credit Administration is unable to comply with a request made under paragraph (I)(B) with respect to a System institution, the Board may appoint examiners to examine the institution. "(3) POWERS AND REPORT. — Each examiner appointed under paragraph (2) shall make such examination of the affairs of the System institution as the Board may direct, and shall make a full and detailed report of the examination to the Corporation. "(4) APPOINTMENT OF CLAIM AGENTS. —The Board of Directors of the Corporation shall appoint claim agents who may investigate and examine all claims for insured obligations.. (b) DUTIES OF THE FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION.—Section 5.19 (12 U.S.C. 2254) is amended by adding at the end the following new subsection: "(d) On receipt of a request made under section 5.59(b)(l)(B) with respect to a System institution, the Farm Credit Administration shall— Confidentiality. "(1) fumish for the Confidential use of the Farm Credit Reports. System Insurance Corporation reports of examination of the institution and other reports or information on the institution; and "(2)(A) examine, or obtain other information on, the institution and fumish for the confidential use of the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation the report of the examination and such other information; or "(B) if the Farm Credit Administration Board determines that compliance with the request would substantially impair the ability of the Farm Credit Administration to carry out the other duties and responsibilities of the Farm Credit Administration under this Act, notify the Board of Directors of the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation that the Farm Credit Administration will be unable to comply with the request.**. SEC. 614. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE AND CONFUCT OF INTEREST REPORTING BY DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, AND EMPLOYEES OF FARM CREDIT SYSTEM INSTITUTIONS. (a) FINDINGS.—Congress finds that— (1) the disclosure of the compensation paid to, loans made to, and transactions made with a Farm Credit System institution by, directors and senior officers of the institution provides the stockholders of the institutions with information necessary to better manage the institutions, provides the Farm Credit Administration with information necessary to efficiently and effectively regulate the institutions, and enhances the financial