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PUBLIC LAW 102-556—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 4183 subsection (b)(5) to a provider of a pay-per-call service shall make readily available on request to Federal and State agencies and other interested persons— "(A) a list of the telephone numbers for each of the pay-per-call services it carries; (B) a short description of each such service; "(C) a statement of the total cost or the cost per minute and any other fees for each such service; "(D) a statement of the pay-per-call service's name, business address, and business telephone; and "(E) such other information as the Commission considers necessary for the enforcement of this section and other applicable Federal statutes and regulations. "(2) COMPLIANCE PROCEDURES. — A common carrier that by contract or tariff assigns a telephone number with a prefix or area code designated by the Commission in accordance with subsection (b)(5) to a provider of pay-per-call services shall terminate, in accordance with procedures specified in such regulations, the offering of a pay-per-call service of a provider if the carrier knows or reasonably should know that such service is not provided in compliance with title II or III of the Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act or the regulations prescribed by the Federal Trade Commission pursuant to such titles. "(3) SUBSCRIBER DISCONNECTION PROHIBITED. — A common carrier shall not disconnect or interrupt a subscriber's local exchange telephone service or long distance telephone service because of nonpayment of charges for any pay-per-call service. "(4) BLOCKING AND PRESUBSCRIPTION. —A common carrier that provides local exchange service shall— "(A) ofiTer telephone subscribers (where technically feasible) the option of blocking access from their telephone number to aily or to certain specific, prefixes or area codes used by pay-per-call services, which option— "(i) shall be offered at no charge (I) to all subscribers for a period of 60 days after the issuance of the regulations under subsection (b), and (II) to any subscriber who subscribes to a new telephone number until 60 days after the time the new telephone number is effective; and "(ii) shall otherwise be offered at a reasonable fee; and "(B) offer telephone subscribers (where the Commission determines it is technically and economically feasible), in combination with the blocking option described under subparagraph (A), the option of presubscribing to or blocking only specific pay-per-call services for a reasonable onetime charge. The regulations prescribed under subparagraph (A)(i) of this Earagraph may permit the costs of such blo<ang to be recovered y contract or tariff, but such costs may not be recovered from local or long-distance ratepayers. Nothing in this subsection precludes a common carrier from filing its rates and regulations regarding blocking and presubscription in its interstate tariffs. "(5) VERIFICATION OF CHARITABLE STATUS.—A common carrier that assigns by contract or tariff a telephone number 59-194 0—93 18:QL 3 (Pt. 5)