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PUBLIC LAW 102-558—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 4215 tic defense industrial base into, and the withdrawal, subject to the protection of proprietary data, of information on the domestic defense industrial base from the system on an on-Une interactive basis by the Department of Defense; "(B) to assure access to the information on the system, as appropriate, for all participating Federal agencies, including each military depari^ment; "(C) to coordinate standards, definitions, and specifications for information on defense production, which is collected by the Department of Defense and the mihtary departments so that such information can be used by any Federal agency or department, as the President determines to be appropriate; and

    • (D) to assure that the information in the system is

updated, as appropriate, with the active assistance of the private sector. " (2) TASK FORCE ON MILITARY-CIVILIAN PARTICIPATION. — Upon the establishment of the information system under subsection (a), the President shall convene a task force consisting of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of each military department, and the heads of such other Federal agencies and departments as the President may determine to be appropriate to establish guidelines and procedures to ensure that all Federal agencies and departments which acquire information with respect to the domestic defense industrial base are fully participating in the system, unless the President determines that all appropriate Federal agencies and depari^ments, including each military department, are voluntarily providing information which is necessary for the system to carry out the purposes of this Act and chapter 148 of title 10, United States Code. " (e) REPORT ON SUBCONTRACTOR AND SUPPLIER BASE. — "(1) REPORT REQUIRED. —The President shall issue a report (in accordance with paragraph (4) which includes— "(A) a Ust of critical components, technologies, and technology items for which there is found to be inadequate domestic industrial capacity or capability; and "(B) an assessment of those subsectors of the economy of the United States which— "(i) support production of any component, technology, or technology item hsted pursuant to subparagraph (A); or "(ii) have been identified as being critical to the development and production of components required for the production of weapons, weapon systems, and other military equipment essential to the national defense. "(2) MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED. — The assessment made under paragraph dXB) shall include consideration of— "(A) the capacity of domestic sources, especisdly commercial firms, to fiilfill peacetime requirements and graduated mobilization requirements for various items of supply and services; "(B) any trend relating to the capabilities of domestic sources to meet such peacetime and mobilization requirements; 59-194 O—93 19:QL3(Pt. 5)