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106 STAT. 4242 PUBLIC LAW 102-563—OCT. 28, 1992 during the preceding 4 calendar quarters, the royalty pay- ment shall be based on a constructed price reflecting the proportional value of such device to the combination as a whole. "(3) LIMITS ON ROYALTIES. —Notwithstanding paragraph (1) or (2), the amount of the royalty payment for each digital audio recording device shall not be less than $1 nor more than the royalty maximum. The royalty maximum shall be $8 per device, except that in the case of a physically integrated unit containing more than 1 digital audio recording device, the royalty maximum for such unit shall be $12. During the 6th year after the effective date of this chapter, and not more than once each year thereafter, any interested copyright party may petition the Copjrright Royalty Tribunal to increase the royalty maximum and, if more than 20 percent of the royalty payments are at the relevant royalty maximum, the Tribimal shall prospectively increase such royalty maximum with the goal of having no more than 10 percent of such payments at the new royalty maximum; however the amount of any such increase as a percentage of the royalty maximum shall in no event exceed the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index during the period under review. "(b) DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDING MEDIA. —The royalty payment due under section 1003 for each digital audio recording medium imported into and distributed in the United States, or manufactured and distributed in the United States, shall be 3 percent of the transfer price. Only the first person to manufacture and distribute or import and distribute such medium shall be required to pay the royalty with respect to such medium. ^'§1005. Deposit of royalty payments and deduction of expenses "The Register of Copyrights shall receive all royalty payments deposited under this chapter and, after deducting the reasonable costs incurred by the Cop3Tight Office under this chapter, shall deposit the balance in the Treasury of the United States as off- setting receipts, in such manner as the Secretary of the Treasury directs. All funds held by the Secretary of the Treasury shall be invested in interest-bearing United States securities for later distribution with interest under section 1007. The Register may, in the Register's discretion, 4 years after the close of any calendar year, close out the royalty payments account for that calendar year, and may treat any funds remaining in such account and any subsequent deposits that would otherwise be attributable to that calendar year as attributable to the succeeding calendar year. Reports. The Register shall submit to the Copyright Royalty Tribunal, on a monthly basis, a financial statement reporting the amount of royalties under this chapter that are available for distribution.

    • § 1006. Entitlement to royalty payments

"(a) INTERESTED COPYRIGHT PARTIES.— The royalty payments deposited pursuant to section 1005 shall, in accordance with the procedures specified in section 1007, be distributed to any interested copjnright party— "(1) whose musical work or sound recording has been—