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PUBLIC LAW 102-564—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 4259 "(6) administer its own STTR funding agreements (or delegate such administration to another agency); "(7) make payinents to recipients of STTR funding agreements on the Ibasis of progress toward or completion of the funding agreement requirements and, in all cases, make pay- ment to recipients under such agreements in full, subject to audit, on or before the last day of the 12-month period beginning on the date of the completion of such requirements; "(8) submit an annual report on the STTR program to Reports, the Administration and the Office of Science and Technology Policy; "(9) develop a model agreement not later than July 31, 1993, to be approved by the Administration, for allocating between small business concerns and research institutions intellectual property rights and rights, if any, to carry out follow-on research, development, or commercigdization; "(10) develop, in consultation with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy and the Office of Government Ethics, procedures to ensure that federally funded research and development centers (as defined in subsection (e)(8)) that participate in STTR agreements— "(A) are free from organizational conflicts of interests relative to the STTR program; "(B) do not use privileged information gained through work performed for an STTR agency or private access to STTR agency personnel in the development of an STTR proposal; and "(C) use outside peer review, as appropriate; and "(11) not later than July 31, 1993, develop procedures for assessing the commercial merit and feasibility of STTR proposals, as evidenced by— "(A) the small business concern's record of successfully commercializing STTR or other research; "(B) the existence of second phase funding commitments from private sector or non-STTR funding sources; "(C) the existence of third phase follow-on commitments for the subject of the research; and "(D) the presence of other indicators of the commercial potential of the idea, "(p) STTR POLICY DIRECTIVE.— "(1) ISSUANCE.— The Administrator shall issue a policy directive for the general conduct of the STTR programs within the Federal Government. Such policy directive shall be issued after consultation with— "(A) the heads of each of the Federal agencies required by subsection (n) to establish an STTR program; "(B) the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks; and "(C) the Director of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. "(2) CONTENTS.— The policy directive required by paragraph (1) shall provide for— " (A) simplified, standardized, and timely STTR solicitations; "(B) a simplified, standardized funding process that provides for- "(i) the timely receipt and review of proposals;