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106 STAT. 3702 PUBLIC LAW 102-550 —OCT. 28, 1992 eligible housing transferred under this section). The Secretary may make grants to managers and ownership entities to rehabilitate eligible housing in accordance with this section, as appropriate. "(2) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.—The Secretary may use up to 5 percent of the total amount reserved under paragraph (1) for any fiscal year to provide, by contract, technical assistance to residents of public housing and resident councils to help such residents and councils make informed choices about options for alternative management under this section. "(c) PROGRAM AUTHORITY.— "(1) TRANSFER OF MANAGEMENT. — "(A) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary may approve not more than 25 applications submitted for fiscal years 1993 and 1994 by resident councils for the transfer of the management of distressed public housing projects, or one or more buildings within projects, that are owned or operated by troubled public housing agencies, from public housing agencies to alternative managers. "(B) REQUIRED VOTES.—An application for such transfer may be submitted and approved only if a majority of the members of the board of the resident council has voted in favor of the proposed transfer of management responsibilities, and a majority of the residents has also voted in favor of the transfer in an election supervised by a disinterested third party. "(C) ASSISTANCE OF MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST.— -Any resident council seeking to transfer management of distressed public housing under this section shall, in cooperation with the public housing agency for such housing, select a qualified public housing management specialist to assist in identifying and acquiring a capable manager for the housing. " (2) REHABILITATION AND CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS.—The Secretary may make rehabilitation grants and provide capital improvement funding under subsection (e) in connection with the transfer of eligible housing to a manager under this section. " (d) OPERATING SUBSIDIES.— "(1) AUTHORITY TO PROVIDE. — The Secretary may make operating subsidies under section 9 available to managers under this section. "(2) AMOUNT OF SUBSIDY. —The Secretary shall establish the amount of the operating subsidies made available to a manager based on the share for the housing under section 9 as determined by the Secretary. "(3) EFFECT ON PHA GRANT. — Operating subsidies for any public housing agency transferring management under this section shall be reduced in accordance with the requirements of section 9. "(e) REHABILITATION GRANTS AND CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUND- ING.— "(1) REHABILITATION GRANTS. — An application under subsection (1) may request approval of amounts set aside under subsection (b) for the rehabilitation of eligible housing. The manager and the Secretary shall enter into a contract governing the use of any such assistance provided. "(2) ANNUAL CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUNDING.—